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Love it!

I've purchased the shea butter several times and I use it as one of the 6 oils and butters in my favorite soap recipe. I like the packaging and ease of measuring and use! Beautiful and creamy, never a problem!

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Excellent Product

I love Shea Butter; used in conjunction with other oils, it produced a lovely, nourishing soap. I also appreciate the processing information; it gives peace of mind that there are no objectionable or harmful chemicals used in the process. Thanks for such a great product!!!

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Dissapointed & Disgusted.

the price for shea butter on BB is 'alright' especially for refined, so i didnt mind getting my supply here. however, on top of my package taking almost 2 weeks to get to me, on my last order for a couple pounds each shea butter was actually dirty, with initially colorful specs (ranging from blue to green) which upset me. good thing these were test batches I was making for family. It was noticeable enough to hopefully wipe off… tedious, but do able. upon melting it down and ready to pour, I found way more debris floating to the top! Thats just gross. I opened another bag, which is wrapped very tight, which is awesome but found the same debris and also larger black particles in crevices I did not even touch yet. Im actually shocked because I thought this was a high quality website and that this didn’t happen on my first order. but thats just disgusting. I cannot use a single pound of shea butter to sell, and not even sure what to do with the rest of the shea.

Chloe from Bramble Berry replies...
Customer service has contacted you directly to fix this.

Verified Purchase
Quality !

My son has very sensitive skin and easily develops rashes and exima. We have been using Shea Butter on his skin for years and it has been such a blessing to help treat his condition. Having used countless suppliers for our Shea Butter over the years we have been so pleased with this top quality Shea Butter from Brambleberry that we order nothing but this Shea Butter since trying it. This Shea Butter is super clean and goes on without any sand like grit we used to find and it is silky smooth. Overall a fantastic product, we use nothing but Brambleberry’s Shea Butter.

Nancy Mendoza
can i use it on melt and por?

Can i use the shea butter in melt

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
We don't normally recommend adding extra oils/butters to the melt and pour bases since they are already finished soaps. This can affect their consistency as well as lather. If you give it a try I would keep it to 1 tsp of extra Shea Butter per pound of soap.