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Best M&P Base to Date

Throughout all of my testing, I have found that this is the best soap base. It is really easy to use, but be mindful of soap burning( my microwave melts slower than most). It does produce a skin very quickly, but it holds fragrances and colorants very well. This is my go to soap base. It's perfect for all.

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Great Soap Base

I have never used a melt and pour soap before, as I usually make soap from scratch. This base is great, easy to use, no issues with it burning or anything, although I use the double boiler method to lessen the chance of it burning. Lathers well and does not dry out my skin. Plus it doesn't contain any SLS or anything like that.

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I'm disappointed

I have used a different brand of shea butter melt and pour in the past but thought it was too pricey. I wanted to get my next soap base from brambleberry since I love the products that are made on soap queen tv on youtube. But, this melt and pour soap was horrible. I did it in increments of 30 seconds by the time I took it out it was already hardening. You didnt have any time to throw colorants or fragrance in it. It was crumbly throughout. Then my next attempt was using 5 sec. intervals and the same result I will not be purchasing this product again and I am thoroughly disappointed because I waited a week and now I have to spend money for another soap base >:(

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
It sounds like the soap may have burned. We recommend heating the soap in 30 second bursts while mixing and checking your temperature in between bursts to make sure it does not overheat. The SFIC Shea Melt and Pour Soap Base will begin to melt at 120 degrees F so it can take a few minutes to fully melt. Though the soap can begin to burn at about 140 degrees so if it goes over that it will also appear thick and crumbly and wouldn't melt down again. Find out more in our How to Avoid Burnt Melt & Pour blog post.

Crumbly Disappointment

The last 2 pounds I had from a previous order crumbled as I was cutting them up, but I used them only to have some of the finished soap bars do the same thing. I placed another order hoping it would be better. However, as soon as I started cutting this base it crumbled. I thought it was just the 1 pound block so I continued cutting up a few more to make my soap, only to find they did the same thing. Went ahead and made a 5 pound loaf of soap only to slice each bar which crumbled too. Now I not only have 5 pounds of soap I need to figure out what to do with, but also the other 5 pounds I haven’t used yet. I’m not confident in using this base now or in the future. All the other bases I’ve purchased from BB have been wonderful, but I’m very, very disappointed in the shea base.

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Don't Recommend

I have had great results with shea cold process and love SFIC melt & pour goats milk and aloe bases so I went with this one. I have tried this with and without fragrance and my skin is itchy all day. Good news is that a 10lb order arrived in individually wrapped 1 lb blocks so maybe I can give it away.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
It sounds like you may be sensitive to one of the ingredients in this specific base. I would recommend sticking to the SFIC Goat Milk or Aloe Vera Melt and Pour Soaps you have had success with.