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Not just for soap

Not only are these great for wrapping soap, they also fit the 4 oz. jars.

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Perfect for my soaps

I have tried paper wrapping before and I liked it but since I am using this plastic wrap I have received great reviews from my customers. It is very easy to use (the only thing you need is a heat gun ***around $22.00 in home depot***) people can clearly see my soaps designs, and also hold them without getting soap in their hands.

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I will say these do need more room! I used these for my first time and most always the ends would not lay flat. So trying to make these soaps look "Pretty" seemed impossible! How can you get the ends to lay nice and flat and not curl out? The bars that I made were not even "large" bars so these will NOT go for a normal size soap bar.Disappointed.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Lori! I'm sorry these shrink wraps did not fit your soap correctly. They're 3.7" x 4.05" and designed to work for soap made with our 10" Silicone Loaf Mold and 5 Pound Mold with Sliding Bottom. If you make cold process soap, the good news is it is meant to breathe! If the bands are at an awkward length where they stick out you can trim them so just a bit more of your bars are exposed. Learn more about shrink wrapping soap in this post.

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Need a little bit more space please

I love shrink wrap bands, they are wonderful to work with and protect the soap nicely while letting the customer smell the fragrance. I was so excited to get these as I had not found any to fit these sized bars(I use the 5lb wood mold with the sliding bottom). The only issue I'm having with them is if you do any kind of texturing to the tops of the soaps, they don't quite fit. Just need another 1/4 inch or so more to let them slide in easily. Otherwise terrific!

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Fantastic Product

After a bit of a mishap in shipping I received my shrink wrap bags from BrambleBerry. If you are wondering how to package your soap RUN to Washington state and get this product. If you live in Fl like I do get on your computer and order a case. My packaging dilemma is gone forever. I got the first one right that is how easy they are to work with even though I had never seen a shrink wrap bag or heat gun in my 61 years. Bramble Berry is the BEST.