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jeff coons
great concept, poor engineering

Used it 3 times. Love the skills, it fits perfect w/1 of my products scents. But its hard to fill because it flexes and needs to be propped up. For the cost it should be set it down, fill it and let the soap cure. Thats why it got 3 stars. Awesome idea, poor engineering. Not sure if the aggravation is worth continued use.

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Love it

I love this mold! The reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is because it does bow towards the center as another reviewer mentioned. For the cost it shouldn't bow period. BUT I still love it and I solved the bowing issue by putting the center of the mold over a pile of spring fill crinkle cut paper.

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I love this! I wish there were more like this one! I wish this was in silicone! but it made it so easy for me to eject the contents! I like it! 5 stars.

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Issue with collapsing skull mold

This mold is pretty thin plastic compared to the normal hard white plastic ones. The issue this caused is that when I put the hot melt and pour soap into them it collapsed a little and wouldn't stay upright so I couldn't fill the molds fully until I found things to prop up the mold and then soap got everywhere. So just a warning that you should try and prop up the middle area of the mold on both sides before pouring your soap. It is usable and the skulls look good it just takes some playing with before it stays upright.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Laura! I'm sorry you had problems working with this mold. We love our Skull Flexible Mold and the realistic looking skull soap they make. Though, these molds are made of thinner plastic to make the mold flexible versus the hard, sturdy plastic of our other plastic molds. While it can be a little trickier to fill it makes removing your soap so much easier! To make the mold a little more sturdy to pour into you can try placing the mold in a wide, flat tray of rice or something similar to prop it up as you're working with.