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Deep Woods Camping!

If you are a serious Patchouli lover I'm not sure this is the one for you. If you love Patchouli Blends this one hits the nail on the head. It's earthy, woodsy and smoky. It smells like all those wonderful earthy, woodsy smells with a hit of smoke. Think Fall Campsite. Total Man Scent! It's awesome!!!

Loved the smell

I bought this in a 1 oz kit with different oils. This smelled great. I used the 1 oz per pound 2 weeks ago and there is hardly any scent left. So disappointed because I was so in love with the scent. I won't be buying anymore of this FO. I'm not sure if my bottle was bad or what because it smelt so nice. So I don't know. Anyone else have this problem?

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Love it!

Being a serious Patchouli junkie this blows me away! Soft, but deeply sensual. Very pleased with this one.

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This fragrance reminds me of an Indian shop where I used to buy gifts -- they sold aromatic wooden boxes and burned beautiful incense. I love this fragrance and agree that it needs time to develop in soap. Sniff testers pick up this bar over and over; many eventually chose it. I had a lot of fun blending with it in soap, and my personal favorite is a blend with Ginger Patchouli. In lotion, I have used just a few drops, blended with other notes, and people seem to love it.

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I smelled this in the bottle and it was "OK" as far as patchouli goes but I made a batch of body butter/shaving cream and UGH!!! All I could smell was smoke.... Nothing else. I ended up adding something else to it to salvage it but no. I'll never order this one again

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Mioshee! I'm sorry you didn't like this scent! We love the deep, smoky notes of our Smoky Patchouli fragrance oil. If you're looking for other patchouli scents that don't have that smoke note you may like Ginger Patchouli Fragrance Oil, Flower Child Fragrance Oil, or Patchouli Fragrance Oil.