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What a Steal!

I contemplated buying this bundle for a while and am SO GLAD I DID! The products are large, full size, no tiny sample sizes here. Tried and true fragrances, colors and accessories. I love the additional DVD!

Price looks great!

This looks like such a wonderful bundle, and the price is my favorite part!! So affordable! I do wonder though, as someone else mentioned, if there's anyway you could substitute some things for equal value? For example, I already have the hanger tool, 3 easy pour containers and the round silicone mold.


I wish I had seen this package a couple of weeks age before I ordered a good bit of these items individually. I wonder if I could order the package with substitued colors/fragrances/mold for the ones I already have.

Nicely put together

This looks like a great kit to start a small business - it has everything and the price is OK too. I only noticed one little 'hiccup' - 4 oz are 120 grams, not 100g