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not what i expected, but im still having fun!

for some reason i expected these molds to be 3d molds. they aren't, they are the typical flat backed mold. Also, the products given are a clear M&P and white M&P, but when following the recipe verbatim, the white is never used. This is my first time with M&P, so as far as the instructions, i think pictures would have helped. But none the less the soaps have turned out fine. I still have fun doing it, and so badly want to keep the soap for myself instead of giving it to my nephew.....Also, the picture here on the net shows a blue space ship, mine didnt turn out blue? following the recipe with the clear base, i got a chalky white space ship, with a clear cockpit. and i havent used the white base at all. a soap queen tutorial would be fun too! probably un-necessary but fun none the less!

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Brandi! I'm so glad you like the kit! You can find a tutorial for the soaps here. Also, if you want a blue soap, you can add some blue colorant like our Liquid Blue. I'll be emailing you personally to discuss this!