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the Mad Alkemyst
Not Orange At All Edit: BB Response

Know knowing that the HpH Lab Colors are designed to morph the correct color specifically for Cold Process soap- I can't wait to try it. I got HpH Lab Colors so I could use them in all my products, now I know to play with them a bit for non-lye-containing stuff. Thanks Chloe!

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It disappeared!

I should have had a nice orange layered through a white base with poppy seeds for my batch of pumpkin soap but instead I have a solid white bar with only a lack of poppy seeds where the orange should have been. I followed all the instructions and it was a very pretty orange when I poured and placed in the oven for cpop. Any thoughts?

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high PH labcolor

i just purchased and used this labcolor in my cold prosses soap i added up to 2 teaspoons of the color soft orange, for 2 pounds of soap. it did go a very light orange when mixed, I pored into mold round molds . it was a pretty soft orange ( expected a darker color because i put alot of labcolor in it). I went back to look at it in one hour . and to my amazment the color was gone!!! what happend ? im very disapointed . can you help me please?! Elisa

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Elisa! I'm sorry you're having trouble working with this colorant! With these high pH LabColors for Cold Process Soap gel phase is pretty important to get a vibrant color. Find out more about gel phase in our Jazzed About Gel Phase blog post. I will email you directly to help troubleshoot!