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Very Nice

Also not normally a fan of peach but this is very nice. Has a warm smell to it.

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This just smells like a basket of fresh, ripe, mouth watering peaches! Fragrance sticks well in cold process. A keeper for sure!

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SomeTyme Place
Gorgeous and consistent

I have been using this fragrance for several years and absolutely love it! It is one of my best sellers in soap and lotion. It is a good strong and long lasting fragrance that never fails, and it has never once given me trouble in cp soap. I have found it to have some of the best staying power of all the many fragrances I have tried over the last 12 years. I will continue to buy the big bottles of this extremely reliable and popular fragrance..

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Revised Review - Smells Great!

Thanks to the help of Chloe at BB, I need to revise my review. I had written that this FO had a very light scent using twice the maximum amount in CP and that I was very disappointed with it, as I had used it many times before in the past without this issue. I thought that I bought my current bottle last year, however, I discovered it was two years old and that was why it lost it’s scent. (Note to self: don’t over purchase scents as they do have a shelf life.) Chloe sent me a new sample and the fragrance is back to it’s wonderful peachy scent I remember from the past. I did get some ricing at low temps (100 degrees), but it was easily mixed out. Thank you Chloe & Bramble Berry!

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Very Nice!

Used the Southern Peach fragrance oil in a recipe I had formulated, and was very pleased with the results; no acceleration or riceing, and at 5 weeks cure the scent is a nice sweet tart peachy fragrance. Can't wait to use it!