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Just Peachy

When I received this Southern Peach scent thought it did not smell too peachy but I figured I would make some soap today and I could not get over how much I like this scent, I walk by my finished soap and it's like walking through a peach orchard but not over poweringly strong just enough to peak your senses! I will definitely keep this in my line.

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not what i expected

this is slightly peachy but reminds me of something either a medicine or some other fragrance oil. kind of reminds me of the yuzu fragrance oil. was expeting more of a peach scent this is like its discription tropical. will have to try the other peach fragrance.

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So Good

This fragrance oil is so amazing! It behaves so well in cold process soap, and smells great! It's also really good mixed with equal parts cream cheese frosting FO, to create this wonderful desserty scent that smells amazing. I tried a 3lb soap batch of this and INSTANTLY had many people asking for more. Great scent all around. It kind of smells like something bath and body works would make into a hand sanitizer. It's so good.

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just peachy!!

This smell takes me back to when a store used to sell a peach shower gel, lotion

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Wonderfully Fruity

Got this and the cream cheese frosting to make some peaches and cream bath bombs for my friend's birthday and I'll have to make another batch for myself! In the bottle, like most of the fragrances, it doesn't seem like much and even when initially mixed into the bath bombs it was nice but not something to right home about. All they needed was to sit over night and my opinion did a complete 180. It's a sweet scent when mixed with the cream cheese frosting but not sickeningly so. I think there would be a bit more of a slightly tart edge to it without the cream cheese frosting but not in an unpleasant way. The scent is fruity and light in bath bombs that leaves the bathroom smelling amazing for days after without being overwhelming. They turned out so much better than I could have expected and my expectations were already quite high. I'll be keeping this scent as a staple in my collection.