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I’ve purchased this a couple times before in my 5 years of soaping, but I won’t buy it again. I don’t know if the formula has changed over the years, or if someone filled this bottle with half unscented oil, as in the past it was a nice scent. I first tried this in a single bar of soap and there was no scent (used 8 ml). I tried this mixed with mango - no peach scent; then in half a loaf raspberry, with a 14 oz layer of soap that had 2 oz peach FO and only get a faint hint of peach - that’s more than 2 times the max FO that s/b in soap. I made another single bar with more than twice the max FO allowed and a get a very light peach scent. I found this a total waste to use....I love BB scents and use them in 95% of my soaps, that’s why I tried this so many times before giving up on it.

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Very Nice!

Used the Southern Peach fragrance oil in a recipe I had formulated, and was very pleased with the results; no acceleration or riceing, and at 5 weeks cure the scent is a nice sweet tart peachy fragrance. Can't wait to use it!

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amazing fragrance

this is going on my list of top brambleberry fragrances. Made CP soap - nt really sticks. I did have a little trouble with ricing on one batch but got it blended out (make sure to watch your temps) Added about 1/4 t. madder root per pound - perfect color to go with amazing scent!

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better out of bottle

When I first reviewed this FO i was disapointed but recently found that once it is out of the bottle (on my hands) it smelled DEVINE. peachy and yet kinda fresh but still fruity, I paired it with orange and a touch of ginger and OH MY GOD that was pure heaven. It has won me over!

Juicy Peach

If you're looking for straight up peach, this is it. Brings to mind ripe, juicy peaches and smells delicious. I warmed it before adding to CP soap and it behaved beautifully. White soap with swirls of hot pink and peach. Like peach perfume, and delicious on skin.