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The best thing I've ever smelled!

I first smelled Spellbound Woods in a soap I bought from a local shop. I immediately fell in love with it and set out to find this amazing fragrance. I was so happy to find out was carried by Brambleberry, and thrilled when I received my order. This is a deep, nuanced fragrance. Definitely vanilla, but there's SO much more than that. It's slightly woodsy, but very smooth. It's a very sexy smell that I've found appeals equally to men and women. It discolors in soap, but I use a deep blue green color with this scent, and it just gets a bit darker over time. It doesn't turn completely brown. I recently made lotion with this, and I just want to bathe in it. I wanted to keep a bottle for myself, but they sold out almost immediately! I can't overstate how much I love this fragrance.

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No scent

I got this at first as a sample and waited until Fall to order enough to make a batch of soap. I'm so disappointed that there is very little scent in my soap, and the 4 oz bottle I got didn't smell like the sample. In fact, the sample bottle lost a lot of it's scent from being opened I assume. Is that normal?

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Perfume Staple

I love using Spellbound Woods alone in incense or as a base in my perfume blends. It softens spicy or earthy blends and takes away cloying sweetness in florals. It blends easily with many different types of scents and is perfect for beginners to work with when learning to create blends. It has just the right amount of warmth without being too sweet.

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Love this fragrance <3

This is my first time making any type of soap. I used a glycerin honey base, infused it with some calendula oil and used calendula flowers as an embed. This fragrance compliments the smell of the honey honey base very well and turned it to a perfect brown honey color. I'm so happy with my results. I will be buying this again for sure..

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Spellbound Woods

I tried it in my CP soap. I was very disappointed in the outcome. It did discolor, a lot more than I thought but what really disappointed me was the fact that I had to use twice as much of this fragrance than I normally have to in a batch of soap to get any fragrance to pop out. Now that it has cured for a month, there is very little lingering fragrance, and it does not smell like woods in the least. I won't use it in CP soap again. It might work better in other products.