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There was nothing wrong with the previous version of this fragrance oil. I could not believe how different this is. I am not happy about it and my customers will feel the same. I will not reorder it.

Medicinal and Not like the past

After smelling the new version, we changed our review. Not realizing the scent was reformulated, it smells very much like cherry cough syrup and very medicinal. The old Spiced Apple Cider was a huge hit, I wish we had read more carefully to the change in scent as this does not resemble the past scent. We added a touch of Red Apple to it as well as Cinnamon Sugar and it still smells very medicinal. Wouldn't suggest this

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Gina! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this reformulation. We reformulated this scent to keep up to date with the most recent Research Institute for Fragrance Material recommendations on safety for spice notes. Unfortunately, that did change the characteristics a bit, but we still love our new Spiced Apple Cider Fragrance Oil. It does have less spice notes for this reason and more of that cider smell. If you're missing those spice notes you may like it better blended with Cinnamon Sticks Fragrance Oil. If you're looking for other spice scents you may like Arabian Spice Fragrance Oil, Gingersnap Fragrance Oil, or Zanzibar Spice Fragrance Oil.

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Not sure about new formula

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Didn't smell like Apple Cider at all

I was really dissapointed by this scent. I LOVE the smell of apple cider, and was really looking forward to this one, but it just... doesn't smell like apple cider... at all. It doesn't smell unpleasant, just not apple cider. Its a very warm, deep smell. More like sitting by a woof fire.

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Maybe this is cherry cough syrup?

When I first opened my jar to test this scent I was very confused. It smells exactly like cherry cough syrup. No hint of apple, or spice. I asked my husband to identify the smell without telling him what it was and he immediately said cherry cough syrup. Maybe I got a mix up? Maybe something happened to this particular batch? No idea. But in no way does this smell anything like apple cider.