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Good but...

I like this base but there are a few issues. One is how thin it is. A lot squirts out with a pump wasting it. Is there a way to thicken it? I also found that some jojoba did not stay suspended where smaller ones did. I also had trouble with some fragrance oils separating and others did not.

Love Love Love!

Holds scent and additives perfectly although much thinner than I expected-- bubbles up nice and washes clean BUT, is there a way to thicken this base?

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Was so much fun mixing the different soaps, and it holds color beautifully. The only minor issue was that the sea salts sank to the bottom but other than that, everything else stayed suspended, very moisturizing without the greasy feel and lots of bubbles!

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I was expecting it to be thicker, but I actually do not mind the consistency. I made 2 different bottles for my mom and mother-in-law as a thank you for being great examples to me. I always test what I give away, to make sure it doesn't sting, agitate, or irritate the skin. I added fragrance oils to them, a little fine glitter to one of them, and white mica powder to the other. It took a bit to really mix the mica in, but the color turned out lovely. The soap itself is very gentle, and my hands felt soft after using about a nickle size amount. It holds the fragrance really well - my hands smell nice. It's not sticky, oily, or over-slimy. The glitter suspended beautifully and sparkly, just as I wanted. I recommend putting a little soap in a small mixing cup and adding the mica to that to mix it well first before just adding it to the entire bottle. I think by doing that it'll mix better and blend better. But it overall is a good product and one I'm very excited to include in my product line!

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Perfect base

I love it! Very easy to use! Makes a lot of suds! I added cosmetic glitter, and colored it with micas. It holds the fragrance perfectly! I did another one with jojoba beads! Everything is suspended! Can not live without it anymore! :)