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The clearest base I've found

I absolutely love this clear soap base! I've tried many others, but I'm sticking with this one! I make soap with toys inside and this one is the clearest base! I can see the toys inside perfectly without it being cloudy. Thank you!

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Hardens Too Quickly

I've always had good luck using clear melt and pour bases for my layering projects. Sadly, the Stephenson's base didn't work out for me. The problem I encountered was that it began developing a thin skin at about 140 degrees, well before it was cool enough to pour onto the previous layer. I tried reheating it, but the same thing happened each time. I also noticed thin strands of hardening soap forming in the one layer I wanted to keep clear. I ended just reheating what I used to make individual bars, which turned out really nice since pouring it into individual molds didn't require any cooling.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
It can definitely be a bit tricky layering melt and pour soap, especially with the Stephenson Ultra Clear Soap Base since it hardens so quickly. Normally we would recommend remelting the product as you work or keeping a double boiler or crockpot going to maintain the same temperature. For more information check out our 5 Tips for Layering Melt and Pour Soap blog post.

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Just OK.

Love how easy it is to use, but it always dries murky and cloudy which gets worse over days and weeks.

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Love this MP base

Super clear and easy to work with. It hardens quickly so really good for layering colors. I tried other MP bases, but I'm going back to this one.

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U Wish

Performs nicely stays nice and clear even after a few days. Best MP i have found