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Fun family project

I could hardly wait for this to come. The colors were so pretty in the picture and the bamboo fragrance description was intriguing. I got my 11 year old daughter involved and she was fascinated. "You mean you just melt that clear stuff and put that in there?!" She asked to touch the clear soap base and it amazed her. We made a few different batches and she is so proud of all of them. It was really good bonding time and we both had fun. I also enjoy the leftovers because it helps me build my collection up. There was so much sweet almond oil left that now I don't need to buy it separate to mix my colorants into when I make cp soap. I think this is a great value and so much fun. I look forward to creatively using the leftover melt and pour base. And the frahrance oil is a surprising delight. It smells wonderful in the scrubs.