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Such a beautiful fragrance

This is my absolute favorite FO. I can't get enough of it. To me it smells like a sophisticated spa product. A few of my customers thought it was too floral, but it has always been a good seller for me (CP soap).

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Sultry and Sexy

This one is simply beautiful. If you have problems with it accelerating soap between 95-100 degrees and make sure you use a slow moving recipe. I used the swirl quick mix and no sodium lactate. If you move fast you can do a fancy design. I love this fragrance and will be ordering more!

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Rich, warm and intriguing.

This one is a must try. I love it so much. so warm and full Customers LOVE it

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Devine !!

This one has been a big hit in my cold process soap !! Behaved well and smells so good !

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So pretty

This is a beautiful fragrance. It is lovely in lotions and soaps. It does discolor a little due to the vanilla, but that isnt a deal breaker for me. It did not discolor lotions though which is awesome! My next application will be body sprays because this fragrance oil is fantastic.