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So pretty

This is a beautiful fragrance. It is lovely in lotions and soaps. It does discolor a little due to the vanilla, but that isnt a deal breaker for me. It did not discolor lotions though which is awesome! My next application will be body sprays because this fragrance oil is fantastic.

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Soft, warm, sultry indeed

I used this for a dark bath bomb this week. This may become one of my new favorite as well. The name is perfect as it is sultry. Not too floral and when it hit the warm water... Bath time magic.

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Very Nice!

I bought this scent because I had someone asking for a jasmine soap and lotion, wasn't exactly sure how it would be, I am not a floral scent person, but other reviews helped make the choice. I am so glad I picked this one, it smells amazing and it doesn't bother my sinuses or skin. I used it in a goat's milk and olive oil m&p soap with the Queen's Purple mica, AMAZING! Truely beautiful scent. Will be keeping this one.

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Dark, Sexy and a little tricky

This is one of those fragrances you have to take a little care with. It did accelerate trace but I used a lot of solid oil and added yogurt. It seeped a little in my soap, causing some staining. But the I'm going to pick up another bottle, adapt my recipe and design and try again. Beautiful fragrance!

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I adore this scent! On Point in Every way!

I love Jasmine and this mixture is just perfection! This is the most wonderful Jasmine Fragrance Oil combination! I wear it alone or mix it with their Vanilla-Vanilla-Cybilla-Fragrance-Oil. Try mixing it in unscented body lotion or in some Sweet Almond Oil. It's amazing. I can't say enough good about it! I Love it! I feel like I am wearing a high end French Perfume. It's soft and doesn't bother my allergies. Well worth a try!