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Not a fan. Strong and masculine

I was hoping to love this fragrance because of the name... but it is a very strong scent that smells like a masculine cologne to me. I don’t sense any feminine notes in it at all. I’ll just have to use the rest of the fragrance under a different, masculine name. I absolutely love the Jade and Amethyst fragrance oils, though!!

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A Lot Going On Here...

I wanted to like this, I really did… but in addition to turning out to be allergic to it (I had to dispose of the bottle, I just couldn't work with it without itchy watery eyes and a risk of allergy-induced migraines), I found that there was just too much going on, fragrance-wise. Out of the bottle, it was unpleasant (too strong, too much happening), but since ‘out of bottle’ is not ‘in cured soap,’ and with all the positive reviews, I pressed on. The sense of "I've smelled this before" coupled with being unable place anything about where/how I might have encountered the fragrance ended up unnerving me no end. Like I’d forgotten some unpleasant thing that shouldn’t be forgotten. However, my reaction aside, the fragrance oil has great staying power, holds up *spectacularly* in cold process soap, and "what do I smell?" will definitely be a talking point, if nothing else. I got a text one night from the individual to whom I gave the batch because people were asking what that fragrance was. It's slightly floral but not quite a *girly* smell; but I wouldn't call it truly masculine, either. You might want to consider going easy using this stuff, despite what the fragrance calculator says; I found that a medium dose was what I would call *strong*. Although well-behaved in cold process, it and I just weren’t compatible.

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Complex Catch

I'm not sure I can say this is a unisex scent. It smells more like something I could see a woman wearing. It is a complex scent though, whose notes I can't quite pick out. I haven't used it yet but plan to in the near future.

I'm convinced this FO hates my guts

I love the aroma of this FO so much that I selected it as a free sample option and purchased the larger 2 oz bottle. In addition, a friend purchased another 2 oz tion bottle for me as a gift. I was thrilled to use it in a cold process soap last week. I used my regular recipe and brought it to trace before adding the fragrance oil. Everything seemed well until the next day when I noticed beads of yellow oil at the top of my loaf. I waited a few days after the cut to see if it would reabsorb, it did but left this yellowish discoloration at the top of my soap up to about 1/4 of an inch down. It looks as if I'd buttered the top of my gray soap. I was really disappointed but convinced that I had done something wrong, so I made another loaf of soap with my second bottle. This time I made sure everything was at room temperature and I added the fragrance to my oils and mixed it in before adding my lye water. I made sure I mixed my batter to thick trace before pouring into the pot to ensure everything was well incorporated. The next day, same thing. I really want to love this fragrance because it smells incredible. But alas, I can't afford to continue to spend the money figuring out why this fragrance oil doesn't like my soap batter. Were it not for this issue, I'd have been thrilled wit it.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
It sounds like you may be seeing the start of the fragrance discoloring in your soap. The Turquoise Fragrance Oil does go completely to a brown color though that discoloration normally begins on the outside of the soap and moves inward throughout the cure. Your soap should be a more a consistent color after the full 4-6 week cure. Find out more information in our "Why Did my Soap Turn Brown?" blog post.

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Birdie's Back to Nature

I received this in my first ever order from Bramble berry as a sample. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE It!! It is the perfect balance of Ying & Yang. I made some body butter and body spray and every where I went I was asked what I was wearing. It is my custome to try out any new products before offering them to my customers, but because I was on my way out of the country I didn't have a chance to to purchase more, and though I had several people ask for it I couldn't bring myself to share. Bottom line I never want to run out!!