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Upon first sniff, out of the bottle, I assumed it was an ocean scent. To me it smells fresh and aquatic. I love it. I do not smell any sort of grandmother scents what so ever. I had to give my review because I have no idea how it could smell like a grandma scent. I am wondering if they had a different scent poured for them? I am so confused.

Verified Purchase

I was a little concerned judging by other reviews the this scent would be too old ladyish for me, but holy crap, I'm so glad I ordered this anyway, because it is AMAZING. It's very bright, but still really deep and complex. It's sophisticated without being overly perfumey or stuffy. Love love love.

Im an in LOVE!

I used this in LCP with rose clay and cocoa and it literally flew off the shelf. I have a standing order with one customer for 6 bars of this every couple months. It is by far my favorite scent. I will keep this as a signature bar for my business. Thank you BB! Outstanding job on this one!

Don't be afraid of this one!

I saved this one for last because of the negative reviews. For me this fragrance didn't accelerate one bit!!! Zip, nada, zilch.....behaved beautifully in my recipe ! So don't let that stop u from trying this one out! ☺

Nice fo

This fo did accelerate very quickly but I still managed a hanger swirl using 3 different colors (consistency was pudding like just swirl anyway). This soap has been the favorite among those following.