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wonderful and warm

im happy i bought this. i do not like foral scents personally but you have to have something for your clients. this is right in the middle for me. just enough sweet vanilla and the perfect amount of warm sugar and a little eathly note. it does color your soap heavly. i make CP goats milk soap, got a off brown. i hope to color it this go around. overall i will buy it again.

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Good if your wanting coconut vanilla

I have ALWAYS purc8the vanilla bean f/o from brambleberry , even over other suppliers due to its very sweet spot in heaven scent fragrance! It does AWESOME! In virtually ANY product I create! But this being the "select" I went ahead purchased my usual 8 oz. Bottle worth (which is more than my favorite vanilla bean) upon opening I immediately was reminded and smelled bitter with a hint of nutty vanilla. Nearly exactly how my blend of vanilla coconut smells. Now I have no idea what or when to use this in. Next time, I'm sticking with my favorite tried and true!

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The Vanilla Select is quite different from our Vanilla Bean Fragrance Oil. It is much sweeter whereas the vanilla bean is bit more sophisticated, more similar to a vanilla liqueur. You can always try blending it with other sweet, fruity or bakery scents to come up with something new, like our Almond Biscotti Fragrance Oil.

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Cannot recommend this

Out of the bottle, it smells amazing. A nice, rich, creamy vanilla. So I bought a whole pound after receiving the sample. Unfortunately, my glowing praise ends there. In CP soap, it both riced, and caused my soap to have the consistency of play dough (ie it won't harden & crumbles & is sticky). I tried it twice in hopes that the first was just a fluke. Unfortunately, now I'm stuck with 1 lb of useless product.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Lee! I'm so glad you find our Vanilla Select Fragrance Oil to be a nice, rich and creamy scent! Though I'm sorry you had trouble soaping with it. In our tests and recipes this fragrance performed beautifully in cold process soap other than the standard discoloration. There can be other reasons for ricing / acceleration like certain additives, like milks or sugars. To find out more check out our Soapy Mess-Up Quick Guide blog post. Customer service has contacted you directly to help troubleshoot!

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If you hate coconut like I do, you won't like this scent. However, customer service was wonderful in their efforts of mitigating my situation.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Angela! I'm sorry this fragrance did not work out for you but I'm glad customer service was able to help! The Vanilla Select Fragrance Oil is one of our most popular vanillas. Though if you're preferring something less sweet and more natural vanilla you might prefer our Vanilla Bean Fragrance Oil which is more of a liqueur type vanilla.

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Love it but not for Bath Bombs

I want to give this 5 stars for the scent, I really love it. I love all kind. s of vanilla and this one is definatly a keeper, I've used in melt and pour and lotion bars and smells amazing. I tried it in Bath Bombs and the bombs smelled amazing, until they get in the water, then just turns a kind of chemical smell, I have no idea why. So now what I do for scents I will use in Bath Bombs is I put a few drops in water and see how it smells, I've had a couple others that didn't work out also. This is a good way to test before wasting a whole batch of Bath Bombs! BTW the Cream Cheese Frosting was perfect in Bath Bombs and I will try all the vanillas they have here!