Our melt and pour lip balm base can be melted in a microwave, in a Pyrex or microwave-safe dish with no covering, or a double boiler. 

Melt for 1 minute increments and then stir thoroughly so that the base is melted in an even manner.  When the base is fully melted, use our lip balm flavors at their normal usage rate (3% to 5% of the total weight).  This usage rate works out to .0025 oz weight of the lip balm flavoring per ounce of the lip balm base. 

You might consider making 10 oz batches at a time- then, you can use a .25 oz. of lip balm flavoring which might be easier to weigh out.  If you use more, it's not the end of the world - mostly just a waste of your money.  Although, some flavors (such as Mint Julep and Root Beer) which use real essential oils might get tingly on the lips with too much in there.

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