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Best Smelling Easy to Use Cocoa Butter

Just received this today & already made some lip balm with it. One of the things I hate about using Cocoa Butter is trying to break it up to measure it. Using these cubes makes my life so much easier. I'm sure I will start using Cocoa Butter more know that I've found it in these cubes. The smell is amazing! I love Cocoa Butter lip balm paired with my Vanilla Oleoresin. This Cocoa Butter kicks my lip balm smell up a notch. Great product! Highly recommend giving it a try.

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I love these cubes. They are so convenient. I would definitely buy them again.

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Smells Amazing!

I haven't used it in my products yet but the smell is amazing that the whole cabinet smells like it! Can't wait to try it on my skin!

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Love it

This cocoa butter is smooth and smells so wonderful!

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I could smell the chocolate-y aroma before I even opened the box -- thru two levels of padding, no less. Originally, I wanted to go with the pastilles since they're a dollar less and seemed easier to melt. But I'm so glad I took a chance on these. The rich redolence of these adorable cubes is worth the little bit extra. Even the color is better. Everything about this cocoa butter is fabulous, from the aforementioned scent to the creamy feel. Decadent and luxurious. I'm very, very new to the soaping game and I can't wait to use these little yummies. Quick shipping, too. Thanks!