Maker of the Month: Oavender

Cassie with Oavender loves the sweeter things in life. Her soap is inspired by desserts, and she often uses baking techniques like layering and frosting. Her customers can't get enough - they love the bright colors and creative designs. Most importantly, they're a treat to use. Get to know Cassie below!

cassie with oavender | bramble berry

How long have you been making soap, and how did you get started? How long have you been selling your products?
I have been making soap for almost four years. I started to learn after watching all the fun soap making videos on Soap Queen and YouTube. I was very interested in how it was made. And I was very impressed that soap can be made like a piece of artwork. My curiosity was aroused. Then, I read a lot of articles about handmade soap. I thought I could try it. And my journey of soap making started at this point. I have been selling since 2019.

What do you love most about making bath and body products?
The thing I love most is I can choose my own ingredients and scents in each product. And I can create a design on a soap bar. I love to see how my clients love my products and how it feels on their skin. It is joyful to hear their words and thoughts. I am proud of what I make and I love to see that everyone is happy. I enjoy every moment of the soap making process. It is a pleasure to be creative.

oavender corgi soap | bramble berry

Honey Corgi Soap

You use a variety of cold process techniques - frosting, embeds, swirls. Do you have a favorite?
I love all of them. Each of the techniques has their uniqueness. I like frosting when I make cake soap. I love cakes and I hope I can turn into a pastry chef one day. It is a very fun way to make the soap top using a cake frosting technique. And I love to add embeds to make the finish look 3D and more realistic on the design.

What inspires you to create?
My creativity comes from all delicious food, desserts, and cute cartoons. I think soap making is just like baking cake. Once I found the right recipe to work with, then I started to make cake soap with all different kinds of cake decorations and frosting. I designed a lot of cake soap and made them look yummy because they are skin food. They are designed for our skin. Cake baking inspires me with the technique. And the design inspiration came from Japanese cartoon characters and desserts. They both inspire me with most of the designs.

oavender strawberry donut soap | bramble berry

Strawberry Donut Soap

Who’s another maker you admire? What do you love about their work?
I love the soap artists from Nocturn Soap. Their work is just incredible. Every batch of soap contains a beautiful design. It is a piece of art. Just amazing!

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to get started?
I would recommend the person to do research, and read all kinds of soap making books and articles. And watch videos on the Soap Queen channel. It can help with everything from basic to advanced techniques. I started to make my first batch of soap from here too. My other advice is to be patient. No matter if you are doing it just as a hobby or going to start a new business, it needs a lot of attention for the whole process. The soap making process is very time consuming - that includes the saponification process, setting takes days, and curing time takes months... I think patience is an important key. Once you are getting used to the routine, you will definitely enjoy the process and the whole journey of a business.

oavender halloween bath bombs | bramble berry

Halloween bath bombs

Have you experienced a fail? How did you work through it, and what did you learn?
Yes... so many times. One time I failed because the fragrance accelerated my soap batter very badly. I wasn’t able to continue my original design. And there was no time to think of another way to change the design. I needed to pour right away. After this experiment, I will need to test every new fragrance before making a big batch. This is an important part of the process. I learn a lot by actually having failed experiences.

What plans do you have for your business moving forward?
I would love to have a Soap Studio as my business moving forward. The plan is to invite people who are interested in soap making to learn together so they can make their own DIY soap. There are a lot of people asking me how to make this, why it looks like a cake? Is this edible? Especially kids, they are very curious about the making. I am hoping I can share my soap making experience with everyone. I think it will be fun to make together and share ideas.

oavender card soap | bramble berry

Card soap

Cassie's top Bramble Berry picks

  • Beginner's Cold Process Soap Kit - The first must-have product is the Beginner's Cold Process Soap Kit. This is a kit that I first purchased to start learning. It has everything you need to get started and it includes detailed instructions. I am thankful that I purchased this kit to start my journey.
  • 9 Bar Unfinished Birchwood Mold - This is also a must-have product. I did not have a professional soap cutter in the beginning, so I purchased this mold. I do not need to cut because it includes dividers. It is very convenient to use.
  • Wildflower Honey Fragrance Oil - This is my favorite and my customers' favorite too. The scent is incredibly sweet. I love to make Honey Soap with this fragrance. It’s a perfect match.
  • Orchid Mica - This is my favorite colorant. It has a vibrant purple tone. I think this is the perfect color to make lavender soap.

What’s your favorite Bramble Berry project?
Pumpkin Pie Cold Process Soap is my favorite project. I couldn’t believe that soap can look like a slice of cake. It’s amazing that pumpkin pie can turn into a delicious looking cake soap. I told myself I needed to try this project. And this was the first time I tried to make a frosting soap top after so many fails and continued practice. I fell in love with making cake soap. I have tried to make Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, & Strawberry Cake Soap based on this tutorial. It was very fun.

oavender flower bouquet soap | bramble berry

Flower Bouquet Soap

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