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too sweet (maybe will mellow?)

I made CP soap with this and poured it into the mold about an hour ago. Right now, it's grape koolaid-sweet. I hope it will be more wine-like after the cure, but I'm not optimistic. The terms "sweet" and "berries" are not what I associate with red wine. But it doesn't look like anyone makes a true Cabernet-like fragrance oil that I can find.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jill! We choose all of our fragrance oils off a full 6 week cure so the Berrywine Fragrance Oil should definitely mellow during that time. Though this scent is definitely a sweeter version than the actual wine with lots of fruity notes as mentioned on the product page. We don't have many wine options but you may prefer our Champagne Fragrance Oil - it makes a great blender and is not too sweet.

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I love this FO!!!

I really do love this fragrance! But WARNING, it has a sour berry smell straight out of the bottle! I have use it in CP soap, bath bombs, lotion & shampoo, it worked beautifully for all. Oh, it loses the sour smell as soon as its out of the bottle. I didn't see any discoloring or riceing. In my CP soap, it didn't speed up trace. I WILL NOT USE ANY OTHER BERRY FO AGAIN!!!!

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Accelerates in CP soap

This really does smell like nail polish at first, which disappointed me because I bought it for liquid shampoo. I just used it in a batch of cold process soap though, and I'm hopeful that it will cure nicely. Warning though: it will really accelerate your soap batter!

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Take it or leave it

I personally don't care for this scent. It doesn't smell like wine to me. However, I will buy it since all people have different scent preferences. It might work for others. I might also try blending with the champagne fragrance as one reviewer did.

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Jenn M

Love this, used with a touch of Champagne FO in CP and the combo smells amazing! My husband came home while I was soaping and thought I had seriously been drinking because the house smelled of strong wine. Good stuff!