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Cassandra W
great smell, accelerates rapidly

I was really excited about the FO, but unfortunately, as much as I love the scent, it RAPIDLY accelerated trace and my designs were ruined. It's a great fragrance, be it definitely doesn't play nicely.

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Unfortunatelly this product did not change from a chemical smell once my product hardened. I have family members tell me they could smell a chemical nothing fruity. Waisted 4 lbs of product.

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Smells good but...

So, I think this fragrance smells good, but it does smell a tad bit like medicine. Just wondering if it will lose the medicine smell in soap. I'm thinking because it's so concentrated straight from the bottle that, that may be why it smells like medicine to me?**update**So, I made cp soap with it and I love it!! Does not smell anything like medicine in soap. I actually like it better than the strawberry fo I got. 5 stars!

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Fruity and sweet

sweet berry but no wine smell in my nose, even after a 6 wk cure.. Held up nicely in CP soap. I boiled down some red wine and used it for color. Came out nice.

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too sweet (maybe will mellow?)

I made CP soap with this and poured it into the mold about an hour ago. Right now, it's grape koolaid-sweet. I hope it will be more wine-like after the cure, but I'm not optimistic. The terms "sweet" and "berries" are not what I associate with red wine. But it doesn't look like anyone makes a true Cabernet-like fragrance oil that I can find.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jill! We choose all of our fragrance oils off a full 6 week cure so the Berrywine Fragrance Oil should definitely mellow during that time. Though this scent is definitely a sweeter version than the actual wine with lots of fruity notes as mentioned on the product page. We don't have many wine options but you may prefer our Champagne Fragrance Oil - it makes a great blender and is not too sweet.