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Cough syrup

I used this in a melt and pour project. It has a strong cough syrup smell and absolutely no hint of wine. Not a fan unless I were to blend it with something else, but my project needed a wine fragrance....

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Simply Beautiful

This performed beautifully! I reduced any chance of acceleration by cooling everything to room temp. I was able to do a 5 color swirl! (Only 4 stars because I'm not a raspberry fan, but everyone else loves it!)

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Grape Soda or purple candy... not wine

This doesn't smell anything like wine to me, it smells like grape soda or purple candy in CP... I was able to make the best of it (lemons into lemonade). It's a decent scent if you're looking for a sweet, grape scent but not a wine, not even a $5 wine.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jennifer! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this scent. We love the sweet notes of raspberry and vanilla contrasted by nice spicy base notes in the Bordeaux Blend Fragrance Oil! We choose all of our fragrance oils based on six weeks of cure time and the spice notes definitely come out more than the grape notes you're smelling after a full cure. If you're looking for a sharper scent you might like Red Wine (Candle & Soap) Fragrance Oil, Pinot Grigio Fragrance Oil, or Champagne Fragrance Oil.

Hubba Bubba anyone?

I'll be using this one as a fragrance for childrens' soap because the kids go crazy for it! Only missing a star because it smells like grape bubblegum rather than wine.... but don't let that stop you! It behaves well - no ricing or acceleration, though it does discolour to a tan/beige. I think I'll try a violet/purple colorant to match the grape bubblegum scent.

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Pampered PinUp Products
CP Soap

Fragrance has a wonderful bouquet like walking through a fine wine shop. Accelerated slightly, but not enough to hinder my design in CP soap. I have reordered several times because it is a hot item in my store.