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Surprising color!

I used this in a batch of CP soap hoping for a lovely brown color. However, I got a lovely shade of mauve. Perhaps I didn't use enough? Nevertheless, I will try it again.

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Love it!

Great brown. I use this one a lot. I use it soaps and bath bombs but only a small amount in bath bombs because that's all you will need. It sparkles in soap and gives a very pretty brown. I highly recommend this one!

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Love it!

This mica is perfect. It sparkles! Just the richest color of brown in town.

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Gorgeous, rich, beautiful chocolate brown

Did I use enough adjectives? This color is absolutely stunning in clear M&P soap. It's a true chocolate brown. I made a chocolate sugar scrub soap bar and used the soapy love chocolate fudge FO and YUM-O! Add some light gold mica or the super pearly white mica and it takes it over the top to fabulousness!

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Absolutely stunning!

For starters, I'm strictly at the melt and pour stage of my soap making, I'm completely new to it and this works for me now. Well, with my first order from BB I got a free sample of the Dark Chocolate fragrance oil. I was stumped as I could not figure out what to do with it. So, I looked for a mica. OMG, this mica goes 100% with the Dark Chocolate oil. I used the clear base (because mica just looks stunning when paired with it) and end results looks like milk chocolate with gold flecks. This just looks awesome and ... well, I wanna take a bite out of this soap, so I call it the no cal chocolate ;o)