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Pam W
Nice blended

I received this as a sample so I mixed a couple of samples with some Heavenly Honeysuckle and the soap smells amazing! Very floral but not too sweet, just the extra punch of smell I thought the Heavenly Honeysuckle needed. 3 parts Heavenly Honeysuckle, 1 part Carnation and 1 part Pikake Flower. Smells strong and good but moves very fast so be ready and I wouldn't try any elaborate designs with these scents!

too much clove

to me this just smells of clove bud oil which i like, but I am so glad i asked for a sample because this to me is not carnation. It is far too spicey to be a floral. sigh had high hopes but the rest of the reviews are correct. thank you for the sample though i really apprciate it!

Verified Purchase
Discolored my soap badly

I specifically chose to use this fragrance in some Valentine's Day soaps, because your site says it does not discolor in CP soap. I was using Merlot Sparkle Mica for my colorant, and had the perfect color. Then I added this fragrance, and it immediately turned a carmel color, quite unattractive. I ended up putting in 2 tsp. of mica straight to try and get some decent color. I'm still not happy with it, but afraid to put in more color, due to fear of staining when used. I fear it is going to be a failed batch now. I am NOT happy, because I researched fragrances before I soaped, to find one that would NOT discolor my soap. I always thought I could count on Brambleberry to accurately represent their products, but I guess not.

Verified Purchase
Tried in CP

I used this in my cp goat milk soap that is high in hard does accelerate but not unworkable if you're fast and prepared. I did two colors, a spoon swirl and textured the top...added some glitter and what a pretty soap! The top notes do fade and leave a spicier carnation scent, but I love it. Very popular with older's a staple in my line of soaps :) Awesome in lotion too.

Good floriental heart fragrance

Carnation is hard to capture and this did well overall. Use sparingly because the spice element is strong, lasts well, but can overpower the green fresher notes. I added clary sage, and rosemary ESO.s. It is really lovely in blends and adds a wonderful floriental tone. Orange and bergamot blend beautifully with it and soften the edges. Can see it being an essential element in many blends.