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Shelby L Johnson
It discolored my bars even with vanilla stabilizer.

I used the same amount of vanilla stabilizer as I always do (equal parts stabilizer to fragrance oil) and it changed my bar from a warm brown with a white swirl into an almost grey color with a green swirl. I know this effect may work since it's for Halloween, but I can BARELY smell the soap.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
The Vanilla Color Stabilizer only works for melt and pour soap so it wouldn't surprise me if this fragrance still discolored in cold process soap. Find out more in our How to Work with Vanilla Discoloration blog post.

Verified Purchase
This is my 2nd bottle!

Love this! I bought it based on a recommendation from Holly from Missouri River Soaps in one of her videos. She said is was delish. And she is right. I made CP soap with it and thought oh no can't smell it, 2 days later my house is wrapped in the aroma of cocoa and cinnamon! Love it. Bramble berry you have won my heart again!


A perfect new foodie fragrance with just enough sweet that isn’t overbearing. The hint of coffee balances out the sweetness. Soaped beautifully at room temperature.

Not a fan

The name of this fragrance is a bit smells much more like coffee than cocoa. If you like the smell of coffee, you will like this, but if you were wanting cocoa you might be disappointed.

Delicious rich fragrance

This fragrance has a hint of cinnamon and rich sweet scent. It discolors a dark chocolate brown. I had plenty of time to do a hanger swirl soaping at room temperature. This is a new foodie favorite!