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Another great scent!

I only ordered this for the soap cupcake recipe but fell in love. Its very light !

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Very yummy

This scent was intimidating to me as I was sure it would smell too much like citrus but it ended up being subtle. It's so yummy I literally had to remind myself it was just a bath truffle!

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Not as citrus-y as expected

I ordered this mostly based on the great reviews it got and after requests for a citrus scent, and it smelled great in the bottle but in body butters it turned out smelling a little too much like Froot Loops cereal. I still like it and have yet to test it in soaps so I'm going to give it a try! I think it'll blend well with some other fragrances I have too.

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A Favorite of Customers

I get more requests than any other scent for anything made with this. I didn't like it at first in the bottle either but it is fabulous when soap is done curing, or in scrubs or lotions. A top seller.

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I love this scent. It is intense, so you don't get a proper sense of the scent until you add it to a base. It is a wonderful smell. I am sensitive to overbearing fragrances and this one is light when added to a base, yet present. Delightful!!