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Love the scent, but not really a tea

I like this fragrance. But can't smell the tea. Smells more like a light floral citrus. Update: scent is awesome after adding lavender oil and using tea instead of water in cp soap

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Very nice! ...until it cures.

This is a beautifully clean scent. Lemony and fresh with a little earthy touch. Perfect scent for soap. Behaves wonderfully in CP, no discolor or accel. I used this in a soap with intricate swirls and it worked perfect. I will buy more for sure!! Edit: I enjoyed this scent when I first used it. But after it cures, it morphs with a very plastic note. Reminds me of a scented kids toy that just smells of citrusy plastic. So sad. :(

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This has a nice subtle scent...not very strong (can't stand strong fragrances) I really like this one. It's a keeper. Used in CP soap.

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Like a comfortable sweater

I've tried this in both CP soap and hand cream. It's not a top choice in hand cream, but something magical happens in CP soap. When given a choice of soap to test or buy, everyone chooses the soap with this fragrance! In fact, the soap is a very dull single color, nothing fancy at all, and I wasn't planning to sell it. My next batch will be more eye-catching, but I have no fears about the scent.

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I love to try the pre-designed kits because it encourages me to try products and techniques that might not otherwise catch my eye. That was the case with this awesome scent. I ordered it with the 4-Mica Swirl kit, and it totally rocks! Very fresh and lemony, with a slight touch of earthy tea. I used a 2 oz bottle in a 5 lb batch of soap, which was less than recommended. It yielded a nice, medium scent to the soap. Get it; it's a must-have.