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Honeysuckle fragrance oil

Made some cold process soap with this honey suckle fragrance oil and absolutely loved it!!!! I had no problem of acceleration or ricing anything like that. The scent also stays on the skin after use. Everyone who used it also loves it. My new absolute favorite !!!!!!!

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WOW my fav

This is hands down absolutely my favorite soap. I sell out everytime I make it, I keep a bar for me everytime, its so fresh and really holds its scent nicely, behaves great.

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Tried to Rice a bit

I love the way this smells and used it in a New Year's castile soap today. I suspect that if it was used in a recipe that included a lot of palm or other fast tracing oils you might have more of an issue, but with olive oil or lard it'll be manageable. I had a few clumps in my batter, but as it was castile, I stick blended them back out with no issues and no acceleration otherwise.

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Better than I planned

The scent is not the honeysuckle I remember, although it does smell nice. I planned for acceleration and ricing and had absolutely NONE. The batter stayed so thin I could have easily done a column pour or spin swirl and my recipe has a fair amount of hard oils. My sample batch (4 oz oil) also performed well and NO discoloration: the colors are true and bright. Did I just get lucky? Who knows, but I am pleased!

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Cassandra W
Not for me

I was very disappointed with this fragrance. I had everything ready because I was prepared for ricing... but you can't be THAT prepared. I couldn't even fully mix it in before it turned into a glob. I literally had to scoop it out with my hands and smash them down into the mold. It was a mess. Unfortunately my two color swirl turned into Colby jack cheese. More so, the scent is VERY strong. I used the medium amount and it's truly overpowering. I'm glad I only bought an 8 oz bottle, but I really don't know what I'm going to do with the rest of it.