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True Honeysuckle

Smells fantastic! You'd swear you were standing in a field of blooming honeysuckle vines. As stated, there is some mild acceleration, but I did not experience ricing. I probably wouldn't attempt anything super complicated and time consuming, but there's plenty of time color and do a nice swirl.

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The best

It is the best honeysuckle fragrance. I tried it from different suppliers .This is the best. The staying power is really great. I have the bar that was made more then 1 year ago and it smells great. It did accelerate in CP. I have trouble with it seizing in my cp soaps.But it is one of my favorites. I like to combine it with Fresh cut roses.

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love it!

I love this scent. I did nto have any problems in CP soap and the scent is nice and strong. I am so glad I bought a big bottle. This is my new favorite.

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This is a favorite of all of my customers. It's true to the actual flower. Fantastic scent!

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How to Prevent Acceleration & Ricing

I didn't have ANY issues with ricing or acceleration in CP. Because this was a concern, I used a little trick to help prevent it. After I mixed up all my oils and they were warmed to the point where I was ready to soap and just before adding any additives or lye, I put some of my warm oils INTO my fragrance oil (about 1:1 ratio). I then moved on to mixing up my soap, separating for colors, etc. Then I added the fragrance mix. The soap stayed very fluid, I had plenty of time to make a really gorgeous drop swirl! I really love this and I'm so glad I ordered a big bottle of it!