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Customers Love It

I have customers that want this in candles and soap. Now my family wants it. The smell holds up better in CP that some of the other popular fragrance oils that I use. So far no problems with ricing but I also just use a simple recipe in a mold. Thanks for another great product BB.

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Better than expected

I've been looking for a great honeysuckle scent for my spring into summer line, & like others, took a chance on this. I have to say I love it, it made my entire soap kitchen & curing rooms smell wonderful after I soaped with it. I thought it faded right after I cut it, but 3 weeks later it was back & wow! Every customer I have shown this soap too has bought it. I had no problems with it & hope I can continue to buy this, as it might be my new favorite! The bars are beautiful.

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Straight-up honeysuckle!

The smell is excellent, and it sticks quite well. I have some bars that were made nearly 7 months ago and the fragrance is still sticking. Watch out, though, this accelerated in my recipe. The first time I did not use any butters, and I actually had to wait for the soap batter to thicken a bit. This time with the butters, though, it did move a little fast. Not too bad, just plan ahead! This fragrance is also great in blends!

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I was skeptical

I was skeptical about this FO but bought it because my sister is crazy about honeysuckle. I made a batch of hot process with it to take to a show today and totally sold out!

It rices in CP so bad

I used this in a batch of CP and it riced so bad, I could hardly save it. I was going to do a 2-color hanger swirl but the split batches would not blend together at all. After giving up, pouring them back together, and blending them for another 5 minutes it finally came together. It's not a total loss though. It still smells really good, and I ended up with a blood orange color.