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cassandra W.
Not for me

I was very disappointed with this fragrance. I had everything ready because I was prepared for ricing... but you can't be THAT prepared. I couldn't even fully mix it in before it turned into a glob. I literally had to scoop it out with my hands and smash them down into the mold. It was a mess. Unfortunately my two color swirl turned into Colby jack cheese. More so, the scent is VERY strong. I used the medium amount and it's truly overpowering. I'm glad I only bought an 8 oz bottle, but I really don't know what I'm going to do with the rest of it.

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It's pretty close to the real thing

It smells good. Not quite as good as I expected after reading reviews. It smells closer to the real thing than others I've smelled but it still isn't quite sweet enough. It acted well in CP and it seems to be holding it's scent after a couple of weeks.

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Wonderful Spring & Summer FO

I use this FO in my body sprays and lotions. Everybody from young to old loves this fragrance. In fact, I always keep a bottle of the body spray for myself & wear it year round. This is the smell I remember from my childhood when we would pull out the stem part of the flower & suck off the "honey".

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True Honeysuckle

Smells fantastic! You'd swear you were standing in a field of blooming honeysuckle vines. As stated, there is some mild acceleration, but I did not experience ricing. I probably wouldn't attempt anything super complicated and time consuming, but there's plenty of time color and do a nice swirl.

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The best

It is the best honeysuckle fragrance. I tried it from different suppliers .This is the best. The staying power is really great. I have the bar that was made more then 1 year ago and it smells great. It did accelerate in CP. I have trouble with it seizing in my cp soaps.But it is one of my favorites. I like to combine it with Fresh cut roses.