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favorite fragrance!

I've only just found out about this fragrance and made a sample batch, let me tell you I am in love! It's a shame it's being discontinued. So this is my humble plea for you to continue to make it.

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Smells nothing of lettuce

This fragrance oil smells nothing of lettuce, that being said, it is quite lovely! It has a fresh, floral, green scent that really is beautiful and I will be making this part of my permanent line. Love it!

Don't Judge a Scent By the Bottle!

I was gifted a bunch of oils (and other supplies) from a friend who isn't soaping anymore. I HATED Lettuce and Grass Stain when smelling them from the bottle but, I figured that if I was going to mess up a soap with an ugly fragrance, I should do it early on and not wait till later. I used .5 oz each of two earthy/musky scents to give a solid foundation to the sky high notes in the .25 oz each of Lettuce and Grass Stain. It worked out really well! I have 2 pounds of CP soap with a surprisingly floral, perfume scent reminiscent of the 40's. It is pretty strong still, 3 weeks into the cure so, I probably could have scented 3-4 pounds of soap with the same amount of fragrance but, I am very surprised and happy about how these two "terrible" fragrances made a pretty awesome soap! :)

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Who knew?

I am shocked to say, this is a huge hit with my customers. I waited months to make this in a CP because I was undecided if people would like it enough to buy it. It preformed perfectly in CP, no acceleration or discoloration. It has a sweet, green and slightly floral scent. I'm still on the fence about the scent but if it sells... who am I to question it :) Looks like I'll be ordering more of this one.

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Good but flowery

I was hoping for more of a "vegetable" smell but this leans on the flowery side of plants. Still not a bad smell. Didn't discolor my CP soap but did accelerate a little.