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True matcha scent - so sad it's being discontinued!

This scent is so gorgeous. Herbaceous and refreshing - smells just like going to a luxury spa. Doesn't discolor or accelerate trace in the slightest. I came back to the site specifically to order more of this scent because I'm absolutely in love with it only to find it's being discontinued! Please bring it back! :(

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Soaps like a dream

This scent smells so good and soaps wonderfully! No issues with acceleration or ricing and it smells just lovely. OOB it smells like matcha powder with lemon and hints of floral. In soap the floral notes and most of the lemon disappears and smells more like a light matcha with a bit of creaminess. I'm not sure why it's being discontinued but Im sure glad I got a notice that it was. I bought 5 bottles to stock up on this to last me a while. Hopefully I will be able to find it elsewhere once I run out!

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Marvelous Fragrance

I just purchased this fragrance. I am disappointed it will be discontinued. It performed wonderfully in my cold process soap. I didn't think I would like this fragrance but the aroma is wonderful.

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This fragrance is SO perfect! I can't stop thinking of new ways to use it. Smells JUST like tea and matcha, I'm just in love. This is the only "tea" FO that actually has a tea smell to me!

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This is another of my favs! So green and creamy! Has a very light floral note too :) People either love this or hate it. I think it depends on if you like green tea or not though. Love love love!! I’ll be reordering this one! Behaves great in CP.