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OMG Please don't discontinue :(

I recently discovered this lovely frangrance when I made one of the bath bombs in soapqueen blog. It's just such a relaxing scent especially when paired with "Champagne F.O". It's one of my favorites and I really am heart broken to see that it isn't as popular as you'd hope. I really don't want to lose this fragrance :(

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Where is the scent?

Very subtle in the bottle...and after a couple of months of cure time, still nothing. This might be great for a lotion but definitely not for CP. However, being the first-rate company that they are, BBerry gave me full credit for this when I reported the issue. So keep this in mind for something other than CP...I am sure that it works for a lot of skin-care products.

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This fragrance is so fabulous, I can't believe it only has one review in the last two years! The balance of citrus and floral is perfect in Orange Grove. You get the orange first, but there's something lovely there behind it that makes it so much more. It worked perfectly in my HP soap and I'll be buying a BIG bottle of this in my next order.

Love it!

I received this in the Limited Edition Floral Sample Kit, and it was my favorite! I'm a big citrus lover, and it was between this and the Sweet Meyer Lemon for my top two. It performed well in CP soap, no acceleration or discoloration; I did a layered hanger swirl with no problem. I can definitely smell both the sunflower/floral aspects along with the citrus, neither one is over-powering. The description of "sunny" really seems to nail it. I hope they decide to keep it!