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Please don't discontinue!

I love this scent and the products I make with it are best sellers at my store.

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subtle Plum scent in cpsoap

A little discoloration and actually I decided to work with the discoloration and colored my cp soap a plum color. I hand stirred in the fragrance as the description mentioned some acceleration could happen. I think for me the main issue was the scent was so light. The second time I used this scent I put in a lot more which helped somewhat. Like a previous reviewer said I used this scent for a Christmas soap that I called "Sugar Plums".

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Margene! I'm glad you like this fragrance! In our tests and recipes, we didn't notice any acceleration with this fragrance. Also, you can add 0.8 oz. of fragrance per pound of soap for a strong scent. To find out how much scent to add to your batch, you can use our Fragrance Calculator. I'll be emailing you personally to discuss this!

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Plum Tea

I used this FO in cold process soap. It is a nice scent but the scent did fade a lot during the 6 week curing process. I used it at .7 per 1 pound of oil/fat. I would recommend to others to use at least .9 or possibly a full ounce per pound of fat/oil.

Great Fragrance

This is definitely a wonderful fragrance. No problems with acceleration or discoloring. Light and sweet and it is a favorite around here.

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Light and sweet

This scent doesn't smell floral to me or my customers. The sweet, fresh, and slightly fruity scent sells well for me in the Fall. It does very well for the holidays too though I rename it Sugar Plum. It does accelerate slightly but it's still very workable. Yum!