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Smells AMAZING in CP!!!

Let me just start out by saying, I have NOT purchased this FO (YET!)... I have a fellow crafter & dear friend who her & I will trade our homemade goodies with each other. She sent me a package of soaps the other day & all smelled MARVELOUS (she's an EXTREMELY gifted & talented soapmaker!). One bar in particular just smelled absolutely DELICIOUS, so I used it ASAP! Transformed my shower into pure heaven & the scent lingering on my skin from this bar was WONDERFUL!! I messaged her right away & asked what that intoxicating aroma was, and turns out, it's THIS ONE!!! I love it SOOOOO MUCH!!!! I love my friend's CP bars even better than my own (she's got the magic touch!), but here I am, drooling over this FO now & wanting to purchase it for my own soapy projects! My hardest decision is figuring out if I wanna just go straight for the 8oz size since I already know it smells PHENOMINAL in CP! It's such a sweet, tart, juicy berry scent, but there's a pinch of sophistication in there that makes this a very lovely & mature aroma... Not a kid's type fragrance, more so a berry aroma that wold appeal to the more discerning lady! It's just absolutely LOVELY!

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This stuff smells so good !!!! Love it!!!

Smells like the 1980's!

Didn't smell like berries or rhubarb, but it did smell like the 1980's pink bottles of Salon Selective shampoo & conditioner.

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Excellent Scent

I made the Red Berry Rhubarb Melt and Pour Tarts with this and they came out awesome. I loved the soap so much I made lotion out of this scent. It's now one of my biggest selling lotions. This scent could make a whole line of bath products such as sugar scrubs, bath bombs, lotions, soaps and even deodorants. I highly recommend!!!!

Verified Purchase

I've been looking for and testing many rhubarb scents over the years and finally I've found THE ONE. True to the description this is a wonderful rhubarb fragrance that does very well in my goat milk soap (cp and hp) as well as sugar scrubs and even wax melts. Five stars Bramble Berry!!!!!