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The Perfect Red

Hands down the best red mica I have used. I know the container says the color will be somewhat muted in CP soap, but it wasn't muted at all for me; it was bright and vibrant -- a true "red" red. I used it when I made Valentine funnel pour soap, one of five colors, divided into nine ounce portions of soap (I used about 1/2 tsp of the red mica), and it turned out perfect. This was the first time, when working with mica, that I did not have to blend multiple shades of red to achieve the desired color. Bravo BB!

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I used this colorant in an apple scented cupcake soap I made. Initially the color was a good red color, but overnight it morphed into pumpkin orange! I am hoping as it cures it will go back to red, but I am not very hopeful...The Evergreen Mica I used worked well and did not morph, so not sure what the deal is with the Red Mica.

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came in a bag

When i first purchased this colorant i was delighted in how it performed in my soap and LOVED that when i bought the 1oz it came in a jar, when i opened my order of the 16oz today I was really disappointed that it came shoved in a thin plastic bad tied in a knot, not even a resealable bag... really missed the mark there BB

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Bright Red

This is a bright red indeed. It is shimmery and I thought it may be more on the matte side. However really nice but not as bright as the picture shows. Perhaps I need to use more in melt and pour soap. I used this in some lip balm too and the lip mixture was a bright red.

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Perfect Red

I've tried all of the red colorants I could find in an attempt to get the perfect red- and nothing worked. It was so frustrating! I had to mix 4 different colors to even get close. I'm so glad they finally found this, it's better than I could've ever hoped for. Truly the perfect red, couldn't recommend enough.