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Spiced Amber Ale

Oh my goodness!!! We love this fragrance oil!! My husband showered with it last night and he LOVED it!! And I loved the way it smelled on him!!! I am odering more for sure. This is a favorite for sure!!!!

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Love It!

This is a fantastic scent. I made cp soap using a local Oktoberfest beer and this scent and it came out beautifully! I soap at room temperature and it did accelerate (rapidly) but it still turned out really great. Everyone loves the scent... It's a definite keeper!

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Tonight I went into my kid's bathroom and noticed they had grabbed a leftover bar of Spiced Amber Ale soap to use. I am happy to report that after more then 2 years the scent is still going strong. I had originally thought it was rather light, but I was definitely wrong. This fragrance has holding power!

A Winner Down here in Panama

Hello fellow soapers - PuraNatura Panama received this as a free sample. At first we were not so sure, but once cured in a cold process batch mixed in at a low percentage,...less than 1%... it was just lovely. Now, I added some freshly ground spices of star anise, cinnamon and black pepper in a swirl and that lifted the Amber a little. Ordering more as we speak.. It blends well with any spice I would say, and adds a lovely- almost ambergris -base note sort of tone. I did not have any issues of seizure but did keep to a very low percentage. Men and women like this, although one can see it used as a men´s scent.

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smells like root beer

Used this in glycerine melt and pour. At first it was amazing, but then it started to smell like root beer. This was a sample, and we just bought more. I however wouldn't call it a "beer" scent.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jennifer! I'm glad you like our Spiced Amber Ale Fragrance Oil. Though, I'm sorry it doesn't come across as a beer scent to you. None of our 'beer; scents really smell exactly like beer, instead they are meant to complement and enhance your products that use beer as an ingredient. If you're looking for other beer scents you may like our Honey Ale Fragrance Oil, Oatmeal Stout Fragrance Oil, or Pumpkin Lager Fragrance Oil.