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Not a favorite

I used this in my beer soap and although it behaved well in my soap I tried to sell it two different festivals for 3 days in a popular cowboy town of Oregon that is full on "all about horses and beer" due to the large amount of micro breweries we have in the area. After 400-500 people smelled it, I managed to sell 5 bars and am stuck with not only the other 14 bars from my batch, I have another 4 oz. bottle that will probably sit for a long time to come. If you're looking for great beer fragrances, I sold out of both the honey ale and the oatmeal stout in both shows. It has a masculine-y aftershave scent that actually made me as well as a few customers taste it.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Tamara! I'm sorry this scent wasn't you and your customers' favorite. We love the this ale-inspired blend with fresh citrus and rounded out with warm honey and vanilla. I'm glad you like our Honey Ale and Oatmeal Stout Fragrance Oils! If you're looking for another beer scent you may like Raspberry Porter Fragrance Oil.

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Lovely, Soft, Unisex Fragrance

The men in my family love this scent! It plays nice in cold process soap too :)

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Not loving this one

This does not remind me of a beer scent at all. I personally find it unpleasant. That being said, it behaved well in my soap and it smells the same out of the bottle as it does in the soap after several days. Only time will tell if it changes. Maybe it will be for the better.

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Spiced Amber Ale

Oh my goodness!!! We love this fragrance oil!! My husband showered with it last night and he LOVED it!! And I loved the way it smelled on him!!! I am odering more for sure. This is a favorite for sure!!!!

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Love It!

This is a fantastic scent. I made cp soap using a local Oktoberfest beer and this scent and it came out beautifully! I soap at room temperature and it did accelerate (rapidly) but it still turned out really great. Everyone loves the scent... It's a definite keeper!