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Love This Oil

I absolutely love the Sunflower Oil. I love its price and its benefits. It makes an excellent nourishing soap. This ,along with the palm oil, will be my go to oil for as long Bramble Berry carries it. One thing I do not care for about this oil is that it has such a short shelf and has to be kept in the fridge, but it is totally worth it for all the benefits this oil has to offer.

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Great, versatile product.

I use this oil to mix my colors as well as using it in my soaps. It's a great moisturizing oil when you want a more light colored oil for your soap. The only thing I would change is having flip tops on the bottles. I think this would help with over pours & general clean up.

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Great for Pampering Skin in Dry Climates

This oil is a bit heavier than most would probably like in something like a bath bomb but in dry climates it's absolutely worth it. It's still rather light, it just lingers a bit longer than others. I'd read about sun flower oil being good for aging, scarred, and dry skin and having two out of three and soon to closing in on the last I thought I would give it a shot. My climate is very dry with very low humidity and winters well below freezing moving to summers in the 90s and 100s F. It's a hard climate for sensitive skin. I ordered a bottle of the sun flower oil just barely beating out meadowfoam as my final choice for bath bombs. I haven't tried the meadowfoam yet but it may just have to wait as the sun flower oil gave everything I needed to my poor, abused skin. It does linger on the skin and makes for a slick tub for a short time but the extra time on the skin while it absorbs isn't terribly noticible. My skin felt softer and smoother and my husband noticed a difference just with my arms and legs almost immediately. I was also surprised at how fast it went to work on my feet as an added bonus. Dry heels on the verge of cracking were very soft after using a bath bomb in a short soak with this oil. It's probably not for everyone, especially those that prefer a faster absorbing oil but it's at the very least worth mixing into products for dry and abused skin. Even seems to be light enough for acne prone skin as it does not give a congested or suffocated feeling and has actually helped sooth my body acne.

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Sunflower oil

I started experimenting with using sunflower oil a while back. I tried using it in bath oil but found it was a bit to greasy for me. I also tried cutting back on the amount of olive oil in my soap recipe and replaced it with sunflower oil. I found that it added a nice quality to my soaps. I've used it all now and I'm not sure if I'll keep it in my main recipe or not. If I decide I want to use it again I'll definitely order more from BB.