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adults and kids love this scent

Fresh, non-cloying, and a hit with kids and adults alike. I have used it only in MnP so far.

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Cathie H
Tangy & fresh!

Love this scent - smells so clean! Easy to work with - no issues in processing in CP soap, no discoloration. Try it with BB's Orange Valencia EO - wonderful combination! This will be a staple in my fragrances from now on!

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Granny Smith

I ordered this oil because I love the smell of tart apples. This fragrance smells just like Granny Smith apples! I love it. Behaved well in CP soap, no problems with color or acceleration. This scent is holding well. I'll be ordering more of this one. Thanks again BB for your wonderful products and customer service!

Stephanie M
Perfect Green Apple!

This really is a perfect Granny Smith apple scent. I used it in CP soap and it behaved beautifully. I was able to do a three color drop swirl that turned out looking nice thanks to the batter not accelerating. The scent did fade a little bit after the cure time but as another reviewer said it comes back out in the shower. This is one of my favorite scents.

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Yummy Granny Smith!

If you like tart apples, you'll love this scent. It makes the mouth water at first sniff :) This one soaped like a dream with no A or D. I was able to do a 5 color funnel pour, no sweat. It's been curing for 6 weeks with a slight fade in scent but it perks back up in the shower. I used 5 oz in a 6 lb batch so next time I'll up it to 1 oz per lb.