Candle Wick Size Guide

It's so important to choose the right candle wick for your DIY candle projects. But there are many options; different wick materials and sizes, different wax types and candle sizes. Here's a guide to our candle wicks to help you get started.

Candle Wick Size Guide | Bramble Berry

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Bigger candles need bigger wicks.
  • Denser waxes need bigger wicks.
  • Different candle wick materials melt and wick wax differently.
  • Fragrances and colorants can change how the wax wicks up and how the candle burns.
  • Be sure to perform a burn test before finalizing your wick choice.

Read our How To Pick Candle Wicks For Homemade Candles article to learn more about finding the right wick. After that, you can find our collection of candle wicks here.

Below you'll find recommended wicks for both beeswax and soy candles. The information in this table reflects candles made without fragrance. These recommendations are estimates only. Use this chart as a starting point to conduct your own burn tests - find more information on how to find the right candle wick here.

First, find the corresponding table for your wax type. Then, choose your candle container diameter. These wicks are a great place to start testing your specific wax, container, and fragrance combination. Once you've picked the best wick for your DIY candle project, you're ready to pour.

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