Easy Bath Bomb Making Kits

Our DIY kits are designed for bath and body beginners. We test the recipes multiple times to make sure they work, then we show you how to make them.

They don't look simple though! Learn how to make beautiful and relaxing bath bombs with these kits.

bath bomb making kits | bramble berry

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Natural Bath Bomb Kit
If you want make thoughtful handmade gifts, pick up this kit. It makes 15 bath bombs. The molds also double as packaging and we included labels, so they're easy to give.

The bath bombs are made with all-natural ingredients, including pink salt, coconut oil, rose petals, and lavender essential oil. They're a treat to use.

Rose Gold Bath Bomb Kit
This is a great introduction to our plastic molds - they make the classic round bath bomb shape. The molds can be tricky at first. The instructions in the kit show you how to get perfect results each time. 

The recipe itself is fairly simple. It's made with baking soda and citric acid, scented with Rose Gold Fragrance Oil, and then rolled in a shimmery mix of Rose Gold and Gold Sparkle Mica.

rose gold bath bomb kit | bramble berry

Raspberry Donut Bath Bomb Kit
This is a great project to make with kids. The kit comes with the base recipe and a reusable silicone mold. For decoration, it has melt and pour soap, Raspberry Mica, and White Bursting Beads.

Kids can get creative with the design and colors. They'll also love Raspberry Jam Fragrance Oil. It has notes of wild raspberry, rose nectar, lily, cranberry, sugar syrup, and white musk.

Galaxy Bath Bomb Kit
You're going to love creating this design. It's easier than it looks too - just mix mica with alcohol and paint it on. It's fun to do and each bath bomb looks unique.

They're also made with orchid extract, which adds an extra boost of moisture. Finish with Night Violet Fragrance Oil and the bath bombs are ready to enjoy.

galaxy bath bomb kit | bramble berry

Once you try these kits, you'll be hooked! Get bath bomb supplies for future projects here.