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  • 10" Silicone Loaf Mold

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10" Silicone Loaf Mold "

The flexibility of silicone just made unmolding "the loaf" so much easier! The inside of this mold has a high gloss finish giving your soap will have that smooth, professional finish. The sides are re-inforced to prevent bowing, so that your finished soap will be straight and perfect.

Tip: If making Cold Process soap in this (or any) silicone mold we recommend adding Sodium Lactate to your recipe. This will help to harden up your soap so that there won't be any dents or finger marks from unmolding the soap.

Mold Size: Inside 10" x 3 5/8" x  2.25"
Cavities: 1
Cavity Size: 50 oz
Mold Material: Silicone 


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by Lindsay
on 5/12/2015
Coming from a plastic mold from the local craft store to this was a dream! No more paper to line, taking it apart.. My loaf pops out with ease, no dents at all! I can't wait to order another so I can soap more often!
by Soapcrazy
on 4/29/2015
Soap box
Loved this soap mold. I make carbon soap and it comes out shiny as black glass. It's amazing. However, I can;t find a complimentary pre made box that can fit the soaps from this mould using a 1" thick cutter.
by Nicholas
on 4/15/2015
Your New GO TO Soap Mold!
Unlike other loaf molds I've tried, this one is reinforced. No bowing out, no floppiness, no spilling soap over the sides because you dared to lift it within 4 hours of pouring. This mold is awesome. It's the perfect size. It's been the best mold I I ordered more. Line em up, make a huge batch, and POUR POUR POUR. It's perfect. If you only by one mold, THIS IS THE ONE TO BUY.
by Christi
on 3/19/2015
Awesome mold
I LOVE this mold! I wish there was a 12x12 slab version of this!!!!!!! I had a mishap occur during shipping when I purchased this mold. Terah did contact me right away and helped me resolve my issue. My sample of Espresso Fragrance Oil leaked ALL over this mold. BUT, it didn't stop me from using it! I couldn't help myself. It us SUCH a sturdy mold! PLUS, Brambleberry has the most OUTSTANDING customer service in the business! Thank you!!!
by Kim
on 3/15/2015
LOVE it for CPOP soap!!
I have 2 of these molds that I use to make CPOP exclusively. I put the mold in the oven as it heats to 170 F, pull it out to pour the soap, then pop it back in, and turn off the oven. Voila! Perfect soap the next day with easy release. (I discount the water but never use sodium lactate.) Has performed perfectly with many different recipes. Clean up is a breeze. I've noticed sometimes the mold holds a bit of scent, but it never interferes with the next batch of soap. I've only noticed bowing if the mold is overfilled (high & thick above top perimeter). So stay within its limits, and this is the perfect mold!
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