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  • 10" Silicone Loaf Mold

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10" Silicone Loaf Mold

The flexibility of silicone just made unmolding "the loaf" so much easier! The inside of this mold has a high gloss finish giving your soap will have that smooth, professional finish. The sides are re-inforced to prevent bowing, so that your finished soap will be straight and perfect.

Tip: If making Cold Process soap in this (or any) silicone mold we recommend adding Sodium Lactate to your recipe. This will help to harden up your soap so that there won't be any dents or finger marks from unmolding the soap.

Mold Size: Inside 10" x 3 5/8" x  2.25"
Cavities: 1
Cavity Size: 50 oz
Mold Material: Silicone 


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Verified Purchase
by Scarlet c
on 9/8/2015
LOVE .. Adore these molds !!
I have purchased 10 of these molds, some thru my personal account..some thru the Soap Business account. I ADORE these molds.. TOTALLY !! I usually throw them in the freezer for 20 to 30 mins to un-mold the soap and then toss them in the dishwasher to clean the scent from them. I have had no problems using them over the years.. yes years.. I am not sure but some of them are over 3 years old !! I have made up to 200 bars in a day with these molds.. and prefer them over my wooden ones.. they are easy to work with, and they standing up to marathons of soap-making during busy Seasonal use. They have stood up to extreme temperature changes, Cold Process, and all manner of Essential oils and Micas !! I swirl..layer...everything with them !! ADORE THESE MOLDS!!
by Debra
on 8/31/2015
I make and sell a lot of soap. I mostly use wooden molds because they are sturdy. But this mold holds up well. One of the loaves I notice always has a crack in it. I think the mold may not be as tight as the other one it is looser and as a result produces a crack. Other than that it seems okay.
Verified Purchase
by jan
on 8/14/2015
I just purchased 2 of these molds and I do like them but they do bow in the middle. I had to create something to squeeze the middle together with a cloths hanger. Other then that I love the mold.
Verified Purchase
by Mary
on 6/14/2015
Not good for layers but not good for one pour either
I don't like this mold for my layered soaps for two reasons: 1) I bought two in the hopes that I could make more soap at once but discovered the timing doesn't work out with having to split my attention between two molds (waste of money, should've only gotten one - learning curve), and 2) a three pound recipe does NOT work with layers unless you leave 0 waste behind in your other bowls and whatnot (although I suppose this is a problem with all layered soaps). When I tried non-layered soaps (made with one big pour) I saw the bowing problem people had mentioned in other reviews (this doesn't happen with many layers since each layer has a chance to cool a bit)...And then there's the length problem. This loaf is a super awkward length. There's always a teeny bit left at the end - more waste - and I wish it was taller. I wanted the "rugged" look I thought I could get with a loaf mold but now I wish I'd gotten smoothly shaped molds and gone for an elegant look instead.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Mary! I'm sorry this mold wasn't your favorite. We love our 10" Silicone Loaf Mold and have no problems with layering with it as seen in the Queen of Hearts Cold Process tutorial. Your recipe does not need to be exactly three pounds to work in this mold so you don't have to worry about a little wasted soap batter left behind in your bowls. The sides of this mold are reinforced to prevent bowing though, being silicone, it can still bow a little especially when filled to the tippy top. We found this mold is the perfect length to get ten 1" bars! If you're looking for smoothly shaped molds you may like our 12 Bar Round Silicone Mold.

Verified Purchase
by Amanda
on 6/11/2015
Great mold!
I use this mold almost exclusively. I have several wood molds with silicone liners (much more expensive) and use this mold over those. It is a great size and very easy to clean up.
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