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10" Silicone Loaf Mold "

The flexibility of silicone just made unmolding "the loaf" so much easier! The inside of this mold has a high gloss finish giving your soap will have that smooth, professional finish. The sides are re-inforced to prevent bowing, so that your finished soap will be straight and perfect.

Tip: If making Cold Process soap in this (or any) silicone mold we recommend adding Sodium Lactate to your recipe. This will help to harden up your soap so that there won't be any dents or finger marks from unmolding the soap.

Mold Size: Inside 10" x 3 5/8" x  2.25"
Cavities: 1
Cavity Size: 50 oz


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by Rosa
on 4/18/2014
Get It. The End.
This mold is SO easy to use and crazy affordable. It releases with no problem whatsoever. It seems to be perfect for 4 lb recipes that start with 33-35 oz of oils. I've also noticed it is similar in capacity to the 9 bar wood mold w/ dividers. Great purchase! I'll be using it a lot.
by erin
on 3/30/2014
This mold is so easy to use. It does not bow and can be used for all types of soap making, HP, CP, CPOP, and MP. It releases soap easily every time and I personally do not use sodium lactate with this mold. I normally let it sit for close to a day and then unmold it. If it is still a bit soft I let my soap sit for another 1/2 day before cutting it. I would also like to note that 50 oz should be your total batch weight. This means that you oils should be the range of 34-35 oz for your recipe. Once water, sodium hydroxide and FO/EO your total batch weight will be around 50 oz (which this mold can surely hold with no problem). You should not be starting your recipe using 50 oz of oil before adding all other ingredients in. If you do this you will have too much soap for this mold. I have used this method just fine and I always have just enough for the mold. Brambleberry also has a lovely lye calculator to assist you in creating or tweaking your recipe to fit this mold.
by juliana
on 3/28/2014
SL not needed
I dont use SL in any of my soaps and they still pop out of the mold beautifully. Save yourself the trouble and buy at least 2 I can only fit 30-40 ounces of soap in this versus 50
by Shanon
on 3/24/2014
10" Silicone Mold
I've used this mold a few times and it released my loaves fairly easily. Even though there wasn't any sodium lactate in those recipes. Also cleans up easy, and I only wash my sili molds by hand as recommended by most suppliers. This mold does taper slightly from top to bottom, which didn't bother me at first( and I honestly hadn't noticed) until I went to put my horizontal cigar band labels on the bars. Now the label looks uneven on the back where it overlaps. Otherwise it's a very good mold.
by Bethany
on 3/24/2014
Flexible, Sturdy, and Easy to use!!!
This is an excellent mold! I had absolutely no problems removing my CP soap. It is very flexible with removal but also sturdy when holding the soap. Easy clean up too! I plan on purchasing more!!!
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