DIY Body Scrub and Bath Soak Projects

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    DIY Body Scrub Recipes

    If you want to make your own DIY body scrub or bath soak, and you’re not sure where to start, you’re in luck! We have body scrub and bath soak projects to get you started. 

    Our projects are great for beginners. They come with a recipe, clear instructions on how to complete the project, and a list of products that you can add to your cart with one single click. How disappointing would it be to sit down and make your own scrub or soak, and discover that you’ve missed an ingredient? That’s not a problem with our projects.

    We have dozens of projects for bath soaks and body scrubs, and some even have a video showing just how to make the project. 

    Our bath soak and body scrub projects are fantastic for beginners and experts alike. 

    For beginners, it’s a great introduction to a new craft. It lists the ingredients and gives you a step-by-step recipe to follow, so you have a little bit of a safety net while you’re making your first project.

    For experienced crafters, it gives you the ease of a pre-made shopping list that you can just add to your cart. You can also remove items individually, so if you want a special oil for dry skin, or just a different fragrance, you can customize your purchase. Absolutely perfect for the confident crafter who wants to practice their creativity.

    What’s better, our project recipes are tested by our own staff of experienced crafters, so you know they’ll work. If a recipe doesn’t work, we tweak it until it does. So you can be confident that not only are you getting great quality ingredients, but that the recipe is perfect.

    So check out our DIY soak and scrub projects. Pick a few to try out, or find your favorite. We know there’s something there you’ll love.