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  • 10x Orange Essential Oil

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Out of Stock until April 27th. 

10X Orange Essential Oil: Also referred to as '10 Fold' Orange. What's a folded oil? It's a form of concentrating the oil and removing much of the lower boiling components, primarily d-Limonene. The higher the number, the more times it's been folded, or concentrated. Our 10X Orange is folded via fractional distillation. The still filters out the unnecessary components and concentrates all the "good smelling" components that really stick in your cold process soap. Unlike traditional citrus essential oils, this orange will actually smell good in your CP soap after you've made it. Turns CP soap a beautiful bright orange color. We use it at .7 to 1 ounce per pound of soap and it smells juicy, ripe and delicious.

This oil is a photosensitizer so use caution if using in lip balms.
Sunburned lips are no fun.

Looking for a blend with Orange? Find one here

Distillation Method: Cold Pressed & Fractional Distillation
Country of Origin: Canada
Botanical Name: Citrus Sinensis
Part: Peel

NOTE: This low-flashpoint oil (129 F)  Ground Only, regardless of the shipping method you choose at checkout. 

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by Evie
on 2/22/2015
Smells great!
Smells great, works well in the soap, and I love how it naturally colors the soap as well! I wonder though if this EO causes soap to get warmer? I've noticed in some batches I've used this with that the soap develops little bubbles along the edges. Not a big deal to me, but I find it curious. I am using silicon molds so I know that can definitely factor in to the bubbles. This EO is wonderful and I always love using it in the soaps!

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Evie!  I'm so glad you love the way our 10x Orange Essential Oil smells.  In our tests and recipes this essential oil should not heat up your soap or cause air bubbles.  Air bubbles are really easy to get and are usually caused by mixing air into your soap batter from your stick blender as demonstrated in our Avoid Pesky Air Bubbles in CP blog post.  I will email you personally to help troubleshoot!

by Lindsey
on 12/29/2014
Used this EO with cold process and I really liked it. It smells amazing even straight out of the bottle. Colors to a orange-yellow. Would buy again.
by Lyssa
on 11/7/2014
Good for mixing
This oil is good as a base to mix with, but I was really not fond of it alone in CP. The smell is amazing though, and makes your mouth water!
by Kurt
on 9/20/2014
Not my favorite orange
Unlike some other reviewers here, I don't find that this smells very much like *fresh* oranges - it has more of a cooked smell. To me, its the most volatile peel oils in citrus fruits that really enhance their aroma, and these must get removed in the "folding" process. I much prefer a sweet orange EO for soaps. Yes, they are much more fleeting than the 10x EO, but anchoring it with something else makes a better smelling product, in my opinion.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Kurt! I'm sorry this essential oil wasn't your favorite. If you'd like a sweeter essential oil combination, you may like 10x Orange paired with Anise Essential Oil, Fennel Sweet Essential Oil, or Peppermint Essential Oil, 1st Distill.

by Angela
on 9/13/2014
wishful thinking for a candle
I love the smell of true and fresh orange! I just wish that it worked in candles, but theres something that doesn't quite work with the EO's. It also changes the soy wax color to a yellow hue.. *sigh*. Candle problems aside, I love this EO and it is so much more rich and fragrant than the Orange Valencia. Both are great, but this one is definitely more bang in the bottle.
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