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  • Orange 10X Essential Oil

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Orange 10X Essential Oil: Also referred to as '10 Fold' Orange. What's a folded oil? It's a form of concentrating the oil and removing much of the lower boiling components, primarily d-Limonene. The higher the number, the more times it's been folded, or concentrated. Our 10X Orange is folded via fractional distillation. The still filters out the unnecessary components and concentrates all the "good smelling" components that really stick in your cold process soap. Unlike traditional citrus essential oils, this orange will actually smell good in your CP soap after you've made it. Turns CP soap a beautiful bright orange color. We use it at .7 to 1 ounce per pound of soap and it smells juicy, ripe and delicious.

This oil is a photosensitizer so use caution if using in lip balms.
Sunburned lips are no fun.

Looking for a blend with Orange? Find one here

Distillation Method: Cold Pressed & Fractional Distillation
Country of Origin: Canada
Botanical Name: Citrus Sinensis
Part: Peel

NOTE: This low-flashpoint oil (129 F)  Ground Only, regardless of the shipping method you choose at checkout. 

Photo attribution - ©Can Stock Photo


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Verified Purchase
by Marcie
on 8/1/2015
Excellent Mixer
I love mixing the Orange 10 X with other scents. I made a CP soap using it on its own and it did hold up pretty well, but much better when mixed. It's a deep spirited orange scent, very nice and true to the fruit. BB- I would like to use this in my rollerballs for pulse points as I see so many delicious recipes online using orange. Is it safe to use in rollerballs with a carrier oil?
Verified Purchase
by Jill
on 7/30/2015
Scent didn't stick
Even though I mixed in kaolin clay, the scent was entirely gone after three months.
Verified Purchase
by Melissa
on 7/13/2015
Love this
I love this EO. I order it again and again. It is my favorite orange and holds up relatively well in CP soap. Also gives an amaaaazing scent in Hot Process soaps. I love the color it gives the soap as well. This one is to die for when mixed with anise!
Verified Purchase
by Mary
on 6/14/2015
Not as I imagined but still absolutely wonderful
This scent is described as "juicy, ripe and delicious" so I was expecting a sharp, strong orange smell. However, this smell is very very deep, not an awakening citrus, but the kind of orange scent used in aromatherapy to calm. It turns out that I love that smell and it's going to be used a lot when I transition to all natural soaps, away from artificial fragrances. I love pairing this with poppy seeds for an exfoliating aromatherapy soap. (Used in MP)
Verified Purchase
by tom
on 4/25/2015
Really strong and yummy
This is by far my favourite orange EO. It's really potent and sticks around for a very long time. It's a heavy, deep scent which and is great in a mix for an orange scent without being easily overpowered.
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