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Good reference book, but overpriced

I liked reading about Lela's story; it's a good example of perseverance that paid out. The book has some good references for those new in the crafting sales business. But it has short paragraphs of information that you can easily find on Google and get more solid/comprehensive information. I feel like I paid too much to only appreciate 50% or less of the book.

Sarah of Sage Flower Hill
Wonderful Book

This book has been incredibly helpful resource as I've been building my business. Lela has cataloged important terminology and defined it using real, down to earth examples. Highly recommend this book! Thanks, Lela!

Highly recommend!

A great quick read to get you the lowdown on terms in business you may not have heard before. Some great tips and personal back story sprinkled throughout, definitely a must-have for any soaper new to business. Lela walks the walk, and talks the talk - it's a great resource!