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pumps pooped out

The majority of the pumps did not work. I had some very disappointed customers.

I like these but . . .

I've used a dozen of these bottles with different lotion recipes and none of them will hold 8 oz with the pump. The pump displaces enough space to reduce the amount of lotion to 7-1/2 oz. Otherwise I like these bottles very much. No problems with any of the pumps. I will be ordering more bottles but have to list the net weight as 7 oz to be on the safe side.


Make that 60% non-functioning pumps! And I'm using BB's own lotion. The lotion flows easily through the 40% of the pumps that work. However, a 60% failure rate is totally unacceptable. I'd buy elsewhere.

Nice bottles, issues with pump tops

These 8-oz bottles are a nice size and shape. The pump tops are nice but we get inconsistent results with our lotions. It's frustrating to have customers come back and tell us that the pump failed, and more frustrating when customers don't come back at all. We will be switching to the disc tops to eliminate this loss.

Great Pump

I like the fact that these bottles appear to be full when you have 8 ounces in them and I also like that the pump lock. I just wish they were available in 4 ounce four ounce; pumps seem very difficult to find for 4 oz bottles.