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The way to go

The quality of this soap blew my mind as I compared it to bases I had from other suppliers. They were all very good. I really enjoyed working with the Goat Milk and Hemp the most I think. The Aloe was beautiful for my ocean soap. Picks up greens and blues just beautifully! If your interested in trying to make soap, this is hands down the way to go. Lots of soap to play with and you can find your favorites. I'll never buy from anywhere else.

Great Sampler!

There is a very good variety included with this set. It's a very good deal, especially if you like to make different varieties of soaps or aren't sure yet which one you like best. I still order it from time to time even though I have my favorites -- I still enjoy the variety.

Christmas gift

My wife got me this as a gift from one of my kids and I just tried the Shea and the honey bases. I love them. They melted much better than the stuff that I got from the local hobby stores and cleaned up a lot easier then that stuff to.

Fantastic Deal!

Fabulous way to try new soap creations! Highly recommend to everyone at all stages of their soapmaking.


I enjoy using the Melt and Pour bases for the different effects that are not afforded in CP soap. We have a family member who is gluten sensitive and we have been receiving more requests for gluten free products in our store. All of the Melt and Pour bases have oat protein, which may not have gluten, but oats are frequently processed in facilities that also process wheat and unless defined as gluten free can be suspect for contamination. This will be challenging to separate in our business.