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Very Special

It seems you love it or you hate it when it comes to reactions to this scent. I got it initially because I live in Arizona and thought it would be wonderful to get that fragrance, but I was not pleased when I sniffed it. However, I made soap with it anyway and surprisingly people seem to like it enough that it sells decently. Some say it smells bad, some are in love with it. Best way I can describe it is wet desert with sage. My backyard (which is desert) smells like this when it rains and all the plants are super happy. So I believe it is true to its name :) Discolors to a tan over the curing time for me.

If you dont know how to use this one...

Then it may come out stinky i guess... I ordered a samplers men fragrance pack. LOVE THEM ALL. Ancient Sedona has been my FAVORITE! I use a TINY bit and it goes a long way!! With that ONE bottle, i made 3 types of body butter, a creme and like 5-6 soap batches with a hint of sedona in it. I AM HOOKED. i created my signature scent thanks to this FO. I wouldn't use it alone or strong but mix it with citruses or woodsy EOs and wow. OOB is strong but not horrible. I always test in small first. I never add a lot of any new scent at first. its how disasters happen. I like to test them first and mix and match scents. Its always good to add a little first which is safer because you can always add more later.. i get my panties in a bunch when i read reviews of people who mishandled or were careless with products, especially FO and EOs then they have the audacity to complain at BB like its their fault!! lmao! a soap cures for months, its worth it to test and test and test first!!

Not a fan

I ordered this because I have gotten a few requests for more manly soaps. I made my first batch of soap with it last night, and it smells terrible! I am worried that I now have about $40 worth of soap that I am not going to be able to sell. I was thinking that maybe it was just my preference, but after getting a few more opinions, I don't think it is just me. Everyone else who has reviewed seems to love it, so maybe I got a bad bottle?

One of my personal favorites

This is one of my personal favorites. My husband said it reminded him of baby powder. I don't think that it smells like baby powder, but I know what he is talking about but I don't know how to describe it... I am a huge fan of Amber and Vanilla and Woodys scents. It is right up my alley.


I had asked to sample this fragrance in my last order. I had read many of the reviews and was on the fence about buying it. I am so glad I asked for a sample. I absolutely love it!!!! I can definitely see it being a masculine smell, but it does have a bit of a feminine smell to it as well; scent changes from the top to the bottom notes to make it unisex. Maybe adding something floral could make it more feminine.