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  • Anise Essential Oil

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Anise, Star Essential Oil: This sweet smelling essential oil smells just like black licorice. It is often used as a flavoring agent in cold and cough medicines, and used as a rub to relieve muscular aches and pains (when diluted with a carrier oil). It can be used as a chest rub to relieve symptoms of colds, and coughs. Vaporized Anise may also help with colds and coughs. Warnings: This essential oil is not intended for internal use without the guidance of a doctor. If ingested in large amounts, anise essential oil will slow down the circulatory system as it is a mild narcotic. Also, Anise essential oil contains 'anethole' which may exacerbate those with skin conditions. Do not use during pregnancy.

Distillation Method: Steam Distillation
Country of Origin:
Botanical Name:
Illicum Verum

Edible: Yes

Flashpoint: This medium-flashpoint oil (181ºF) cannot ship via USPS regardless of the shipping method you choose at checkout. 

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by Lisa
on 2/25/2015
Excellent Product!
We love this oil!!! We use it in lip balms and soaps and though the kids are not real impressed, all the adults love it!! Brings us back to our childhood. Takes kitchen smells off the hands super well too. Makes a super fun soap with added charcoal!
by Sarah
on 2/23/2015
Deliciously Fragrant!
I love this Anise eo. I used it to make a layered and swirled melt and pour loaf. It smells absolutely divine with orange valencia and vanilla. I wish I could add a photo to my review since I don't do facebook, my soap came out gorgeous.
by Kelley White-Ricks
on 1/16/2015
Great Scent!
Very nice; I personally found depending on the recipe, a little went a long way but then I was creating my own scent recipe. I have a "root chakra" soap that I have designed specifically to be "earth" and I add this along with a few other scents and its one of my best selling soaps. SO I would agree it has a more earthy scent, but that can add richer notes to lighter scents, so I actually found that a benefit.
by Barbara
on 11/8/2014
I like it
I'm a licorice lover, so I made onyx style cameo soaps with the black iron oxide, and of course, this essential oil. To me, it smells a little too "earthy" (or maybe herbaceous?) to smell like licorice, however, I mixed it 50/50 with vanilla select and that seemed to do the trick. Hopefully there are more licorice lovers out there..... At least I don't have to worry about vanilla discoloration.
by Britt
on 10/17/2013
I'm not a lover of licorice scent, so I wasn't sure about this EO, but bought it at a friend's request. Now I'm hooked! It's a great winter scent when blended with other food EOs (orange, clove...) and sticks around after a shower. Every time I use it in CP soap, people go bonkers for it. It's a good value because a little goes a LONG way!
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