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  • Autumn Fig Harvest Fragrance Oil

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Autumn Fig Harvest Fragrance Oil: This fragrance is a must have for your fall and winter projects. The top notes are bright and crisp with notes of apple, lemon and ginger. Middle notes of fig, caramel, and cinnamon lead to more earthy base notes; leaving you with notes of coffee, twigs, and wet forest.  

This fragrance would be great for use in soaps, salves, body balms, or even reed diffusers and potpourri. Check out our potpourri products here for a fun holiday project!

Performance In Cold Process Soap: This fragrance does not discolor or accelerate in cold process soap.

Flashpoint: This medium-flashpoint oil (175ºF) cannot ship USPS regardless of the shipping method you choose at checkout. 

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by Jenifer
on 8/26/2015
I do not like the smell of this fragrance OOB. It smelled weird and a bit chemically in the bottle. When I added it to my brine soap, it smelled strongly of Christmas trees to me with an undistinguishable fruity scent as well. I love the smell of Christmas trees, so I am not unhappy with the fragrance at all. Most everybody I had smell my soap said they smelled something fruity, but could not tell what kind of fruit scent. A lot of people, I included, really like this scent. I will definitely get another bottle of this fragrance.
Verified Purchase
by Mack
on 8/18/2015
Smells like a chatchka store at Christmas...
I love figs. And so I was super excited to find a fig fragrance from Brambleberry. I had great plans for this fragrance, but after smelling it OOB, all of my plans have changed. This fragrance smells nothing like figs. It's sweet, but in a very Christmas cookie sort of way. It's very cloying, and almost suffocatingly strong- I could smell it through the bottle and almost gagged. It also has a really weird spruce or pine note, which may be contributing to my feeling that it smells like a Christmas store. Not a fan of this scent.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Mack! I'm sorry you didn't like this scent. We love the perfectly fall scent of our Autumn Fig Harvest Fragrance Oil. Though, it does have other notes of fruit, sweets and wet forest which most likely is the pine scent you're picking up. We also always choose a fragrance off of how it smells in a product, not out of the bottle. I would recommend giving this scent a try diluted in product as it mellows out quite a bit! If you're looking for other fig scents you may like our Moroccan Fig Fragrance Oil, Green Fig Fragrance Oil, or Cranberry Fig Fragrance Oil.

by Beth
on 5/26/2015
Smells nice but not like real fruit
This is a nice, sweet, fruity smell. I enjoy it a lot, but to me it smells more like fruit-flavored candy than actual fruit. I asked my husband to smell it, and he said "It smells like pseudo-berries." It's good, especially if you're looking for something fruity and fall-like, but it does smell a bit artificial.
by Sarah
on 4/9/2015
Truly Fig
The smell of freshly picked Figs is exactly this smell. It's very organic smelling and literally smells like a basket of unpeeled fresh figs. Good scent capture Brambleberry!!
Verified Purchase
by Temple
on 3/18/2015
Intriguing scent
I made a whipped body butter with shea butter, coconut oil and arrowroot powder. It starts out with that sort of pine smell you get from some car pine tree air fresheners that hang like a tag from your rear view.. It's pleasant and not over powering at all like the air freshener can be. I don't get the lemon, fig, Apple, caramel, or cinnamon.. The scent does have a finish that is slightly earthy, and a little sweet. The scent is delightfully light and woodsy clean. I do like it. I can't quit sniffing my skin. It's.. Intriguing somehow..
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