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Smells & Works Great

I have tried beeswax from a few vendors and they always have a funny smell. This beeswax smells like it should, with no funny scent. It works great in all my salves as well as to make candles with.

White Beeswax

I really like the quality of this beeswax, but I'm wondering if I should have bought the yellow instead? MY friend made me a lip balm and I absolutely loved it. I followed her recipe exactly except she used yellow beeswax. Her lip balm seemed softer and more spreadable. The recipe is below: Does anyone know of a variation / how much to make this softer / more spreadable with a white beeswax? Or maybe I should something instead of coconut oil.... mix 4 tablespoons of shaved beeswax, 4 tablespoons of coconut oil, a little squirt of vitamin E oil, and five drops of lemon essential oil and five drops of lavender essential oil

Stephanie M
White beeswax

I use this in mainly in my lotion bars, lip balm and bath melts. I like that it doesn't have the yellow color or smell of yellow beeswax. It helps keep products hard but goes on smooth and melts easily. One thing I will say is always melt beeswax in a double boiler and never in the microwave or the glass container could shatter.

Very Nice Beeswax

I am very happy with this beeswax. Zero scent, melts nicely & played well with the butters I chose for making hard lotion bars. If you are iffy about buying yellow beeswax due to scent try this product. You won't be sorry.

Nice Quality

First time making a candle. Loved it! It melted nicely and it doesn't have that "waxy" smell or feel. It has a very nice smooth/creamy feel to it. I will be using this in my lotion bars.