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Good, but not for soap...

Lye is one of the most dangerous chemicals to work with, and so I bought protective eye gear on Amazon to wear while making soap. When found these goggles, I was excited to have something more comfortable and easy to wear. While they are padded, these goggles don't actually create a full seal, so there's still a chance (albeit minor) of caustic batter or lye water getting into your eye. Instead, I still use my original goggles and have these saved as backup in case I need my husband's assistance, he can "gear up" quickly with these if need be. They'd be great for impact protection, but I'm not thrilled with them for soap making purposes, especially at this price.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Carissa! I'm sorry these goggles weren't your favorite. While they don't seal around your eyes, they do prevent soap or lye from spashing into your eyes from the sides, as seen in this How to Make Cold Process Soap: Lye Safety and Ingredients video. We use them every day in our soap lab! I'll be emailing you personally to discuss this.